Gift ideas

Youngstown, Ohio columnist has the best Father’s Day gift ideas


Liz Dreier

One evening, out of the blue, my husband announced, “I miss the good old days when the girls were little.

“Didn’t you once say, ‘I can’t wait until they get old so I can have a real conversation with them’?”

Here’s the deal: Father’s Day is coming up and he’s feeling nostalgic for handmade cards, breakfast in bed with wilted wildflowers in a juice glass and a bottle of drugstore aftershave which may or may not still be sitting on a shelf in the bathroom, unused.

When our daughters were little, they believed that everything they received for their father was a treasure. One year they packed some office supplies, which they (and I’m not kidding) collected around our house. One of the items was a box of paperclips. My husband spent 20 minutes pulling each paperclip out of the box and exclaiming how wonderful it was. The girls loved it.

Now that they’re all grown up and on their own, I can expect them to text asking, “What does Daddy want for Father’s Day?”

It’s a good question. If you asked him, he would say he doesn’t need anything. But the truth is, there’s always something grown children can get for their dads — a token, if you will — to show how much they care about the man who taught them how to use a spoon. Therefore, my list of the best and worst Father’s Day gifts for 2022:

The worst gift ideas for Father’s Day

  • A toilet timer;
  • Any tie that lights up;
  • Any tie with the following designs: fish; golf equipment; beer cans; cars; soccer balls;
  • Any tie. Period;
  • Anti-hair loss cream;
  • Crocs – the shoes, not the reptile;
  • Crocs – the reptile, not the shoes;
  • nose or ear hair clippers;
  • A chainsaw – unless he lives in a forest and needs to clear the land to settle in his home;
  • Nothing. It’s not an option. You can do better for the man who stayed up many Christmas Eve until 2am so he could assemble your tricycle/bike/etc. And Santa Claus gets all the credit.

The best gift ideas for Father’s Day

  • His favorite adult drink;
  • His favorite snack that mom forbids him to have. Pair it with your favorite drink in a cute gift bag, attach a fun card and you have a winning combination;
  • If he likes vinyl, get him a record – something from the “old days”, like ABBA or The Rolling Stones. If it doesn’t have a platinum, add it to the gift package;
  • A cap with a logo of his sports team;
  • Tickets to a game featuring his sports team. He needs an excuse to wear that hat you gave him.
  • A Yeti mug with a gift card inside;
  • A visit, a phone call, or a FaceTime chat where he can hear you say, “I love you, Dad!”

In the end, this might just be the best Father’s Day gift ever.

Liz Dreier is a mom (or “Mimi” for her grandson, aka “Wonder Boy”), retired teacher, and blogger. She writes from Poland, Ohio, where she lives with her husband.