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Winter craft ideas for toddlers


Winter holidays are upon us and it’s time to spend some quality time with our little ones. A great way to do this is to make crafts with them! This keeps them away from screens and televisions and makes them work with their hands. Plus, winter crafts are always fun! Who doesn’t love a paper plate snowman or fun snowflakes to hang around the house? Here’s a look at our favorite winter craft ideas for little hands.

Coffee filter snowman

This craft is fun and easy! You only need a few small items in the house! All your little one has to do to create their snowman is glue the paper filter onto a colored paper of their choice and let it dry. Once it’s dry, they can decorate it and color their eyes, add their carrot nose and whatever else they want to add!

Find a tutorial to create your own on See! We are learning

Polar bear crafts for toddlers

What an adorable little polar bear that you can hang up when your little ones are done creating it. It is created using pom poms! After you’ve gathered your materials, your little one can take the pom pom and create their own polar bear.

Find a tutorial to make your own on Crafts On Sea.

Easy winter icicle craft

Create magical “ice cubes” with just a few pony beads and pipe cleaners! These look so adorable, and you can even hang them, too, for everyone to see! The beautiful blues of this craft create a lovely winter wonderland!

Find a tutorial to make your own in Kindergarten Worksheets and Games

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Cup of hot chocolate popsicle stick

Who doesn’t love a good cup of hot chocolate? Now your little ones can create their own that they can display around the house using popsicle sticks, paint, and cotton balls! Plus, they can paint the mug any color they want!

Find a tutorial to create your own on Glued To My Crafts

Hatching penguin puppet

Aren’t penguins some of the cutest birds of all time? The way they waddle and walk is so cute! You can make this sweet penguin puppet at home with your little ones and they can have fun putting on a puppet show for you! You can do this with stuff you just dragged around the house!

Find a tutorial to create your own on Kids Craft Room

Winter toilet paper roll windsock

This craft is super easy and fun with items you just dragged around the house! Toilet paper rolls? No problem! Misplaced crepe paper? Absoutely! Once the kids are done putting it together and decorating it, you can definitely hang this lovely “windsock” around the house.

Find a tutorial to make your own on Easy Peasy and Fun

Beaded snowflake ornament

Snowflakes abound! In winter, snowflakes are everywhere! Here are a few that you can keep inside your home and as an added bonus, they will never melt! With pipe cleaners and pony beads, your kids can create cute winter artwork to hang!

Find a tutorial to create your own at Stay at Home Educator

Winter footprint tree

During the winter, we see the trees, stripped of all their leaves. But that’s okay because it allows us to see the beauty of winter all around us! Your child can recreate a winter tree with paint and their handprint! Add some “snow” white paint and you’ll have an adorable craft keepsake!

Find a tutorial to make your own on Fun-A-Day

Glittering snowflakes

Another great snowflake craft! This one features popsicle sticks and glitter! Imagine how pretty they will be hung and shiny and sparkly when it hits the light just right! These can even be used as ornaments for next year’s Christmas tree!

Find a tutorial to create your own on Toddler Approved

DIY soda bottle snowflakes

This is such a fun idea! You don’t even need a big bottle of soda to do it, either! You could make a mixture of small and large! This way your little ones can create a blizzard of fun when they paint!

Find a tutorial to make your own on Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

Snowstorm in a bottle

Not only is this craft fun and exciting to put together, but when it’s all done, kids have a sensory bottle to play with!

Find a tutorial to make your own on Blue Skies Ahead

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