Gift ideas

Thoughtful and local gift ideas for customers

Whether you work in real estate, banking and finance, healthcare, or any other industry, giving a gift to a client can be tricky. You want it to look professional and show how much you value their business, but also something that will make a lasting impression. We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for customers for all industries – perfect for showing your appreciation during the holidays or any season.

Custom ornament

During the holidays, a thoughtful gift can be as simple as an ornament. A festive decoration can be personalized with a painting or sketch which is a great keepsake reminding your customer of your business every time they see it. Find a local artist who can create and design exactly what you’re looking for or discover artists on Etsy.

No time for a custom piece? To verify Brush and bark. They offer a wide range of ornaments, art prints, greeting cards, tote bags and vinyl stickers featuring two original works of art for women from Grand Rapids inspired by natural wonders. from Michigan.

Bottle of branded local wine

Creating a personalized label for wine or champagne bottles is a fun way to personalize a common gift. First check local wineries that offer this service or use an online provider like Personal wine. A bottle of wine is always a chic gift, and the personalization of the label makes it memorable.

Kit to grow a tree

For a green gift that keeps on giving, we love to give recipients a tree to plant in their garden (especially for new owners). For a smaller, non-perishable version there are many grow a tree kits available, which can also be customized. This makes for a fun project and hopefully it’s something they will see grow and enjoy for years to come. Since our Greenridge logo represents three pine trees, evergreens are an obvious choice for our business.

Handmade and local gifts

As a locally owned brokerage, we like to support other local businesses where possible. Sourcing gifts from local artisans helps us welcome newcomers to the area and introduce residents to vendors they may not be familiar with, such as Succulent sunset. This father-daughter duo’s small business in Grand Rapids handcraft cement pots with succulents, air plants, and trinket trays, making them the perfect gift for a low-maintenance plant. They are sold at Jenison Craft Market.

Interested in organizing a local gift box? To verify Awesome Michigan and Elephant Pack, who gets the gifts and assembles the box so you don’t have to.

The gift that keeps on giving

Many of our real estate agents enroll their current and past clients for our Local Gift of the Month program. We work with LoLo Gifts, which organizes local giveaways from suppliers across our region. Each month, recipients receive a text or email with a gift they can redeem locally. Monthly giveaways are valued at $ 5- $ 10 and include cupcakes at local bakeries, smoothies, a pint at a local brewery, or a breakfast sandwich and coffee at a favorite local restaurant. It’s a consistent way of saying “hello” and “thank you”. As an added bonus, our local suppliers are fully reimbursed for each gift exchanged, so this program puts money back into our local communities.

It’s easy to get carried away during giving season, so take a step back and simplify things. If your budget is tight, don’t be afraid of cheap little freebies or just a handwritten note. Expressing your appreciation for your customers and their business will leave a lasting impression and a frequent reminder of your services. It’s not how much you spend on something, but the thoughtfulness and personalization that you put into it.