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These TikTok bedroom decorating ideas will transform your space this year


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New year, new room.

We spent so much time indoors last year that it’s understandable that we were considering changing our space this year.

Enter TIC Tac, which is an inexhaustible source of creativity DIY ideas, to share some ideas for changing your room to look like a Pinterest board.

From rugs to personalized decorations, here are some ideas to refresh your space this year.

Foam mirror

Adding texture to your room, while making it quite unique for those mirror selfies, this tutorial will turn an ordinary mirror into a cloud-like accessory in your room with the help of a simple construction foam.

Curved candles

This creative decor has been all over TikTok for the past year or so, and is pretty straightforward to make – all you need are tall candles and hot water.

Be as creative with the shapes that you would like to have your own unique touch.

Hanging plant holder

If you don’t have plants in your room, bring a few into your space to add some nature and help uplift your mood.

This hanging plant stand is convenient for those with limited floor space.

Neon sign

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok, you’ll know neon is the backdrop of choice.

Add this effect to your room by creating a simple neon sign using canvas board and acrylic paint.

DIY rugs

This DIY TikTok mat is made up of just two simple parts, a top and a hot glue gun.

It would be a perfect rug for a bedroom or a place to keep your plants or side tables.

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Good luck with your New Years DIY!


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