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The best gift ideas to make this day special

New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Hug Day is celebrated annually on February 12 as part of Valentine’s Day week. The hug, being a gesture of warmth and affection, is a very important part of any relationship. For some, a hug might be the most direct and open way to communicate their feelings to the person they love. For others, a tight, warm hug from their partner can put an end to the tension and worries of their hectic day.

Here is an overview of 5 gift ideas to offer to your partners to make your Hug Day special.

1. A personalized mug

A good way to surprise your partner is to offer him a personalized mug with a photo of you two printed on it. Apart from being user-friendly, it also offers a personal touch.

2. Hug day cushion

There are several options available online where you can find the perfect cushion for your partner. It could provide them with much-needed comfort and relaxation at the end of their day.

3. T-shirt

Just like a mug, you also have the option to personalize a t-shirt and send it to your loved one. It could be a cute picture of the two of you hugging or something abstract too.

4. “Together We Belong” Table Calendar

A gift with a personal touch, you will have to prepare it from scratch. You can use handmade paper to create different pages of the table calendar. Each page can contain a photo of the two of you along with a romantic message.

5. LED Bottle of Love

If you have old glass bottles lying around, it’s time to reuse them. Just paint them, put LED lights inside and stick cute pictures of the two of you having fun. Your DIY love LED bottle is ready!

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Sugandha Jha