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The best gift ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to recognize and spoil that special father figure in your life.

Whether your dad is at home among the great outdoors, always screaming football in front of the TV, constantly playing with his car, or often cooking up a storm on the BBQ, we’ve got a gift for it. .

Check out the best Father’s Day gift ideas for every type of dad this year.

The barbecue dad

TRUFF hot sauce

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There’s a bottle of TRUFF hot sauce for every palate, and they’ll go great as a brush for hot and spicy chicken wings on the barbecue. Or any dish for that matter.

The Australian brand offers a slightly different hot sauce, with creamy blends of ripe chillies, organic agave nectar, black truffle and savory spices. One pack is the best way for dad to experience all the flavors and find his staple – you can choose the mini pack with x4 43g TRUFF mini’s, or the variety pack including OG hot sauce, hotter sauce and mix white truffles.

Find them here or through david jones

Traeger Grill Accessories

Traeger grills porcelain chicken throne is fit for a king, aka dad.

This little contraption keeps the chicken moist throughout the roasting process, which means it’ll up its chicken roast game and you’ll enjoy it – win-win!

Or, if he likes to grill meat regularly, you can grab Traeger’s Titanium Coating for him. BBQ scissorssuitable for effortlessly cutting skin and bones when serving.

The dad of boating, camping, fishing

YETI Cooler

father's day gift ideas - yeti

If you’re not into the “outdoor lifestyle,” know that YETI is up there with the best.

They make a lot of gear, but we think Dad would love a YETI cooler for his next outdoor trip. They are portable, durable and feature extreme insulation power to keep all food, drinks, etc. necessary at the expense and expense.

Find them here

Portable stove and pot set

When you find dad camping or heading out into the bush more often than not, a portable stove and pot set could come in really handy.

Anaconda makes a great pack that won’t break the bank, with a furno stove, canister stabilizer, large pot, smaller pot, scrubber, and mesh carry bag for $89.

Find it here

The tech-savvy dad

Skullcandy Dime

gift ideas for father's day - skullcandy dimes

Easy-to-use controls, comfortable fit, and signature Skullcandy Supreme Sound just might make this your tech-obsessed dad’s new favorite gadget.

Skullcandy Dimes are cheap, stylish, and small, making them easy to carry in your pocket or attach to a key ring. But don’t let the size fool you, the sound coming out of these bad boys is of the highest quality.

Find them here

wireless charger stand

The days of annoying cords are long gone, wireless charger stands are where they are.

If Dad finds himself in front of a computer screen a lot, he can set one up on his desk and get a shot of charging without having to find an outlet, and the latest technology means they charge quickly and efficiently.

You can find these at most tech stores or search for one online.

The soccer dad

Carlton’s Draft

The Carlton Draft (TCD) is an online store dedicated to making fun, meme-inspired t-shirts, beanies, socks, hoodies, truncated supports, stickers and air fresheners, with a major focus on the AFL.

Look for one representing his favorite player and watch him become his new wardrobe staple.

Find them here

Optus HALO Stadium Rooftop Tour

father's day gift ideas - stadium optus HALO
Source: @harrycunningham

The HALO Rooftop Tour experience is one of the most worthy experiences on a list of things to do in WA.

Overlooking the home of football and the world’s best sporting venue, visitors will climb 78 steps to the roof and be rewarded with exceptional 360 degree views of Perth City, Swan River and Optus Stadium.

If Dad is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you can upgrade to their VERTIGO experience where participants lean over the Optus Stadium 42 meters above the ground.

Learn more here

The driving dad

V8 supercar driving experience

It’s the absolute pinnacle of driving experiences, reserved for dads who love living life in the fast lane.

The V8 drive or hot lap gift certificate provides a unique thrill in a day of motorsport action. The experience will be overseen by friendly trainers and professional drivers at Barbagallo Raceway who will satisfy the need for speed, and the gift certificates are good for three years.

Learn more here

The Dad Who Loves Alcohol

Diplomatico Exclusive Reserve

Gift ideas for Father's Day - Diplomacy
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A premier rum experience, Diplomático Exclusiva Reserva is as smooth and smooth as tasting comes.

Opening with aromas of orange peel, caramel and licorice, it’s silky on the palate and followed by notes of caramel fudge for a seductive and long-lasting finish that Dad will love.

You can find a bottle at by Dan Murphy

A gift basket of beer

Beer gift baskets have become very popular as a gift for the dad who loves a neat stubby.

You can get some really good ones Gourmet Basket complete with Australian beer and international beers, or you can check Brewquets for craft beer and beer baskets.

Aviation gin

father's day gift ideas - aviation gin
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In the wide world of gin, Aviation stands out from the rest with its super smooth finish and sweet citrus flavors.

It’s owned by Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds, so it’s celebrity endorsed and perfect for the dad who’s a fan or the dad who really really loved gin.

You can find a bottle at by Dan Murphy and all the good independents.

A wine tasting experience

If Dad leans more towards a glass of wine on his nights out, a wine tasting experience is sure to tickle his craving.

Dvine Tours offers daily wine tours of the Swan Valley, with plenty of tastings, food, beer and produce samples, or you can book with Out & About Wine Tours for a taste of Swan Valley and Perth Hills drops from both large and small vineyards.

The sports dad

Travel adventure

If he loves adventure and physical activity, take him on an exciting adventure course that you both can enjoy.

Ascent area at Bullsbrook does high ropes, low ropes and climbing experiences. These guys have one of the best ropes courses in WA among the trees, and in addition to the physical challenge, you’ll also have loads of fun.

Custom golf balls

Here’s a fun little idea for the golf-obsessed dad: personalized golf balls.

You can find them pretty easily with a Google search, and you can add your own little message, her initials, or even a photo.

The Musical Dad

Soundboks Go

gift ideas for father's day - sounboks go
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The Soundboks Go is the ultimate treat for the music loving dad.

It’s designed for easy portability and can take your music outdoors, to the garage, to the family barbecue – anywhere you like, with no compromise in sound quality. This is one of the more expensive gifts on the list, but if you have siblings, just convince them to come with you.

Find it here or in JB Hi-Fi

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