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Ten of the best gift ideas for manly men – 360 MAGAZINE

A gym membership isn’t the only thing you can give a manly man. They might not opt ​​for the usual gifts either, but a male friend will surely appreciate the generous thought. Whether it’s a monthly beer subscription or handy dumbbells, a manly man would get a kick out of either.

A gift for such a man should match his tastes, so look for things that scream tough, macho and rugged!

If their birthday is coming up, or you want to brighten their day, there are tons of alpha male ideas that men would love. If you are planning your purchases, here are some gift suggestions that will fill up on testosterone.

Top 10 macho gifts

If you have a manly man in your life who needs a gift to fit his daily habits, check out some options on our list below.

Scotch Infused Toothpicks

Scotch is considered one of the most manly alcoholic beverages. And if your male friend is someone who constantly uses toothpicks, then we have the gift for you!

Why not buy your sturdy scotch-infused toothpicks?

These have a delicious smoky flavor of pine, pear and complex caramel – be careful; they are not edible.

The biggest brands use a 200-year-old Scotch with Irish origins. Made from quality forest wood, these chunky skewers release strong flavor from just one bite. Once you buy them, a manly man will always have one stuck to his mouth.

Improved vape pen and case

A man doesn’t need to smoke Cuban cigars to be manly. Sometimes there’s nothing more masculine than vaping with a gorgeous vape pen.

You can surprise him with a new vape mod if he is an avid vaper. There are many imaginative vape designs – wooden cases, steel pens and leather covers at different PG and VG ratios.

Go online and shop at a reputable vape shop – your vaping friend will love it!

International Hot Sauce Gift Set

Most men love the taste of hot spices burning their taste buds. So if you give them a packet of the best hot sauces in the world, how can they say no?

A gift box with the hottest sauce from each country will give them the opportunity to take a look at the local cuisine. Delicious flavors from Ethiopia, Virginia, Kerala and more, a hot sauce gift set will satisfy her need for something spicy.

Like a box full of flavors and warmth, it will have something to enjoy at every meal.

Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

If your manly friend loves hiking or mountaineering, an adventure survival kit is for him. With this simple gift, you can not only give them something they love, but also show them that you care about their safety.

The essential kit contains all the survival trinkets for a fantastic adventure. These include a flashlight, purification tablets, waterproof matches, Swiss army knives, beacons, a wire saw and a compass. Everything is packed in a small, light-as-air cartridge.

A magic stone grill cleaner

All men love to barbecue – it’s one of the most manly activities of the afternoon. However, almost everyone hates cleaning the grill afterwards.

If you buy them a Magic Stone Grill Cleaner, they won’t have to do all the pesky cleaning with soap. Just add a little water and the stone takes care of the rest. The miracle gadget cleans away layers from previous cooking leaving the grates shiny as if they were brand new.

And if they’re worried that cleaning the grill will leave a soapy aftertaste, rest assured – Magic Stone Grill Cleaner won’t influence the taste in any way.

Fighter pilot experience

Your manly friend may not be an Air Force soldier, but he can experience what it’s like to be one. You can purchase fighter pilot experience through Air Combat and see if your friend is manly enough to withstand a meteoric rise with two experienced pilots by his side.

The plane he will board is a fighter jet, and he will experience tricks like barrel rolls and loops. All of this will be done while flying at ultimate speed.

16th Century Globe Shaped Mini Bar

If your friend enjoys the occasional sip of a fine drink and has a knack for geography, then a 16th century globe shaped mini bar is the perfect gift.

This vintage globe compartment can be filled with wine, whiskey and eight different types of drinking glasses. There’s even a small shelf at the bottom that could double as a resting place for glasses and taller bottles.

CIA Survival Training Course

One way to make your friend feel like a 007 agent is to enroll him in a CIA survival course. This course teaches what it’s like to train as a super spy and what it takes to be a CIA agent. It’s only two days, showing everything from lock picking to escaping duct tape.

custom liquor barrel

All tough guys love the kick that a good bottle of whiskey gives, and you can give them that feeling every day if you buy them a whole barrel. A barrel of homemade moonshine personalized with your friend’s name will make the liquor even better.

In addition, this barrel can also be used as an ornament.

Boxing gloves and punching bag signed Muhamed Ali

If your friend loves boxing and is a guy addict, get him a set of punching bags and gloves signed by none other than Muhamed Ali. Don’t rush to the gym when they can work out at home with the equipment you bought!


Many things can make a manly man happy, and these are just a few of them. Check what your manly friend likes and see how it can be presented by a gift.

After all, as long as it’s a thoughtful gift, you can never go wrong!