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50 Best DIY Gifts for Mom

Getty Images It’s a fact, plain and simple: moms deserve the best. After all, they spend much of their lives caring for their children, guiding them, making them feel loved and, in Ree Drummond’s case, nurturing them as well. (Let’s just say the Drummond kids are a lucky bunch.) As Mother’s Day approaches, you have […]

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28 craft ideas for adults – DIY crafts for adults

mike garten We’ll just say it: arts and crafts shouldn’t be just for kids. While your little ones may have more free time, it’s just as important that adults set aside time to let their creativity run wild, whether it’s a paint-by-number kit, a sewing project (we’re reviewing you, GH Stitch Club!) or one of […]

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25 thoughtful gift ideas for social workers

Courtesy I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but social workers are so essential. They provide services in hospitals, community agencies, schools, shelters, therapy offices (yes, your therapist could be a social worker), and many other places. If you’re someone who regularly sees a social worker for services, you may be wondering if […]

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30 Best ‘Yellowstone’ Gifts For Fans 2022

After season 4 of Yellowstone came out with a bang, a spinoff show debuted and another on the horizon, now is the best time to gift your favorite Yellowstone fanatic with lots of Dutton Ranch gear. Although the series premiered in 2018, it has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent months, with fans not […]

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25 Best Romantic Gifts 2021

etsy, date of Air fryers and weighted blankets are great and all, but nothing compares to the warm fluff you feel when your partner surprises you with a gift straight from the heart. And while, yes, practicality might be in tune with your love language (say, acts of service?), but we’re all for taking […]

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16 best sympathy gifts of 2021

[ad_1] Courtesy Finding the best gifts to show your love and support isn’t always easy, especially during tough times of loss and grievance. Whether you have a friend who just lost a loved one or a relative mourning the passing of a beloved family member, sending something to offer care while commemorating their loss is […]

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Celebrate Diwali With These Colorful Craft Ideas

[ad_1] Starry lights, vibrant colors, breathtaking fireworks, and gorgeous jeweled candy can only mean one thing: Diwali. Celebrated by people of different faiths including Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Muslims and Buddhists, the Festival of Lights is a celebration of goodness, light and knowledge, where the goddess of prosperity , Lakshmi, is often supposed to visit. Diwali […]

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18 best emoji pumpkin carving and painting ideas

[ad_1] Emojis aren’t just reactions to texts from your friends, Instagram posts, or Facebook updates. These days, you see them everywhere – on clothes, hats, even beach balls, and Halloween too, on your pumpkins! After you’ve chosen the perfect pumpkin transport to your local pumpkin farm, make your pumpkin decorating ideas super expressive this year […]

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25 unique gifts for artists in 2021 – Creative and artistic gift ideas

[ad_1] Courtesy Whether obsessed with watercolors or passionate about drawing portraits, your most artistic friends and relatives deserve to be showered with gifts that celebrate their talents. Or, at the very least, you want to show them that you recognize their creative spirit. After all, visual art comes in all its forms, and having the […]

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36 best Christmas living room decorating ideas

[ad_1] Each item on this page has been curated by an ELLE Decor editor. We may earn a commission on some of the items you choose to purchase. These ideas are nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Williams Rabbit; Chrissy Marie’s Blog Your living room is the heart of your home all year round, but […]