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Steph’s baby shower recap and unique gift ideas

It was a busy weekend for Steph with a big party on Saturday for baby at Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden. Steph says if you’re looking for a great place to host a baby shower or birthday party that’s semi-private but still bustling and family-friendly; she would highly recommend Banger’s.

The staff were excellent, the space was perfect, they had live music and a delicious selection of food for guests. A big thank you also to Steph’s in-laws for doing all the planning and setting up the event.

In preparation for feeling better (at 7 months pregnant), Steph was also pampered with a fresh glow (it’s safe for pregnancy) with the Laurel Corrinne Studio Sunless Body Blend and makeup that blew through all the sweat, done by Rhea at Adore Makeup Shop.

It was such a special afternoon for Steph and Aaron and since they did a very untraditional shower, they opened presents the next morning at the house. Steph shares a few of her favorites that she wanted to pass on in case viewers needed a unique gift idea for an upcoming baby shower.

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas:

Steph’s friend Emma gave her a personalized “Elephant Teddy” family that was handmade by a family member. This gift was so special and came with a sweet story to share with baby. You can find the small business on Instagram by searching @kssuesens and send a DM to owner Karen Suesens.

A useful gift that made Steph laugh was a box of Milk alcohol test strips. They’ll probably come in handy for a nursing mom who wants to enjoy a glass or two of wine once in a while.

Books are always a great gift but Steph loved it “Little Doctors” collection as well as Baby University books by Chris Ferrie that cover things like quantum physics. Steph says baby and mom will learn together!