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Sauce Magazine – 11 Gift Ideas You Can Find In St. Louis

11 gift ideas you can find in St. Louis

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Sangria Red Tourbillon
Noboleis Vineyards’ new line of canned sangria, Swirl, is made with 100% real fruit. Swirl Sangria Red is lightly sprayed and packed with elderberry and black cherry for a truly refreshing taste. Available at fine retailers including AO & Co. Market, Civil Alchemy, Hi Pointe Drive-In, Hillermann Nursery & Florist, IB Nuts, Noboleis Vineyards and Smokehouse Market.

Sink side soap block
Stop dishwashing liquids with their harsh chemicals and cloying synthetic scent. Sink-side soap block quickly removes grease, dirt and germs to clean almost anything. $ 16.95, Herbiers, 2016 Marconi Ave., The Hill,

Club pint of the month
Available in Coquin and Nice! Get a pint of Clementine ice cream per month for an entire year. It’s pretty much the coolest gift on the planet for those who live in St Louis. This card gives you the right to come to the store each month and choose a pint of your choice. Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery, multiple locations,

Craft Beer Advent Calendar
The calendar is the perfect gift for the craft beer lover in your life. Each box contains 24 renowned, unique and special edition beers that will thrill even the most seasoned craft beer drinker – without spoiling the surprise for each of the 24 days! Order online at Several locations

La Luna Mezcal Tasting Box
Upgrade your gifting game this holiday season with a visit to Intoxicology. Their selection of spirits, bitters, barware, books and vintage glassware is sure to appeal to any home bar enthusiast on your list. Featured – La Luna Mezcal tasting gift box, Gusano’s worm salt, mezcal copita cups, book on the history of mezcal. Intoxicology, 4321 Manchester Ave, The Grove,

Pasta House Gift Certificates
Get a free $ 20 bonus gift card with the purchase of $ 100 or more in Pasta House Co. gift certificates until December 25, 2021. Bonus gift cards can be used from January 23, 2022 to 28 February 2022. Pasta House Co., multiple locations,

Grilled ravioli ready in the oven of Fazio
Family-owned and operated since 1902, Fazio’s takes pride in producing quality Italian-style products using only the freshest ingredients. They prepare their Grilled Buffalo Chicken Ravioli with the finest wheat flour and fill them with a mix of Buffalo-style chicken, spices and hot sauce. Try it yourself and taste a real Saint-Louis tradition!

Serendipity Ice Cream Gift Cards
Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream is made with only the finest ingredients available. They pride themselves on making delicious ice cream that customers love! A new location in The Grove will soon open. Homemade Ice Cream Serendipity, 8130 Big Bend Blvd,

Noboleis Reserve Vidal Blanc
Noboleis Vineyards Reserve Vidal Blanc is a dry white wine, aged in oak barrels, made from 100% locally grown grapes. Buttery notes and a smooth finish make this the perfect wine to accompany any holiday meal. Savor a bottle with your Thanksgiving turkey and toast with family and friends! Noboleis Vineyards, 100 Hemsath Rd, Augusta,

Mighty Kind Cannabis Seltzer
Mighty Kind is a holistic drink maker dedicated to creating the world’s finest botanical seltzer and cannabis infused drinks. Their seltzer is infused with cannabis and organic botanical flavors. Available in multiple flavors including CBD and CBG varieties, great for sipping solo or used as a blender!

Bakery products from Sugaree Baking Co.
The best ingredients for the most important occasions of your life (or Tuesday). Sugaree Baking Co. has been using only the finest ingredients to make the right cakes, pies and baked goods for your most precious celebrations, since 1996. Sugaree Baking Co., 1242 Tamm Ave, Dogtown,

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