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Romantic DIY gift ideas for young lovers

If you are an older woman in a relationship with a younger man, consider yourself lucky – there are a lot of women who would be extremely jealous of your sexy young partner! Of course, the age gap between the two of you can cause you to disconnect from time to time, and that can be somewhat of a problem when trying to come up with gift ideas.

But don’t worry: we’ve created this short list of gift ideas that you can easily give him and that he’s sure to enjoy (no matter how old he is!).

Homemade gifts are the best way to show her your mature love

Older women quickly got used to the internet as a way to find boy toys, and there are even sites for older women looking for younger men to make finding young lovers as easy as possible.

Do you plan to follow the same route? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that money is the only way to get a young man’s attention on an online dating site or even a bar. While it’s true that money can certainly have an influence, if you’re in a long-term relationship, the personal bond you share is far more valuable than any financial incentive.

What better way to showcase your personal connection than a bespoke handmade gift? The best gifts come from the heart, not your wallet, after all! Whether you’re a DIY expert or have never done anything in your life, the list below will give you plenty of ideas for easy-to-create gifts. Have fun, be artistic and get ready for the biggest smile on her face very soon!

Clever gifts to make for your young lover

Everyone knows that handmade gifts are the best, but you might be concerned that you don’t have the skills to do something special for your date. Well you’d be wrong, here are five freebies you can give today!

Printable love coupons

If you have access to a printer, then these cute coupons are a no-brainer! While you can always use pre-written coupons if you’re short on time, he’ll definitely appreciate it a lot more if you take the time to personalize each one. Think of things he likes and come up with coupons based on those ideas! For an added touch, consider writing them (and or at least decorating them) by hand.

Night Date Fortune Cookies

Just like coupons, you can use a pre-written message or create your own. As always, a personalized touch is preferable! Using basic origami techniques, create a “take out” box and a lucky cookie for your dating partner. You don’t know how to do them? A simple Google search will provide you with all the necessary steps. Of course, don’t forget the fortune! “You will go to dinner with a beautiful woman” is always a beautiful phrase.

Best date jar

This one takes a little longer but will save you a lot of time afterwards. Essentially, a “date jar” is a jar that you fill with date ideas. Once date night arrives, he just puts his hand in the jar and pulls out your date for the night! To make one, you will first need to find a jar and two pieces of paper (in different colors).

Cut the paper into strips, then start jotting down date ideas: a color for the dates he wants and a color for the dates you want. Of course, you can also arrange them differently (like paid / free, indoor / outdoor, day / night, etc.) and have more than two colors. If you’ve ever given her a gift, it might be something you could actually do with your partner. Each person gets a color and writes down their ideas. Unlimited options!

Warm scarf for him

Do you prefer to give gifts that are not in paper? If so, consider making your man a scarf! This mini-project requires a bit of knitting know-how, but luckily even a complete beginner can make a scarf using a basic garter stitch!

The color and design options are entirely up to you (although you should do something that he will actually wear!). If you’re not quite sure your first scarf will live up to your standards, don’t worry, yarn is cheap so you can make a bunch of it! Just give it the one that turns out to be the best.

Personalized framed collage of your travels together

Have you and your man been on many trips together? Even if you’ve only been sightseeing in the city, chances are you have a lot of couple photos. Pick a nice frame, your favorite photos (in several places) and grab a pair of scissors: it’s time to make a collage!

It is not really necessary, but we recommend that you wrap this gift. It adds a bit of surprise to the present! Another option, if you still haven’t traveled together but met on the online dating site, is to frame your first posts!

We hope you enjoyed this short list of gift ideas. Remember, you’re not limited to just the options on the list. You can make an almost unlimited number of handmade gifts with a little time and creativity!

Not only are homemade crafts a great way to unleash your artistic skills (as well as hone your skills), it’s also an easy way to find your new favorite hobby. We hope you enjoy creating your gift and we know he will love it. Enjoy!

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