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Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas 2022: Rain love on your siblings with these gifts

Raksha Bandhan 2022: The special day is almost here. It is the day dedicated to the love of brothers and sisters. Siblings are our first best friend in life. Whether it’s saving us from our parents’ scolding, helping us on our first sneak out at night, or giving us their shoulders to cry on in difficult times, siblings are one of the people the most important things in our lives. As we grow and learn to navigate life, siblings stay by our side and help us learn, pick ourselves up from falls, and weather difficult times. They are the ones with whom we share a sweet love-hate relationship. Whether it’s fighting over silly things together or staying up all night listening to each other, siblings are friends and family in a beautiful relationship.

Raksha Bandhan is dedicated to this beautiful unconditional love. On this day, the sister attaches an amulet – the rakhi – to the brother’s arm. The amulet is the thread of security and promise, while the brother showers the sister with gifts and promises to protect her forever. This year, Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on August 11. As we prepare for that special day, here are some gift ideas your sibling will love:

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Handmade bookmarks: For all the book-loving siblings, you can actually hand-paint bookmarks so the next time they fall asleep reading, they don’t lose the pages. Also, you can paint the bookmarks with funny examples from your daily life.

Personalized jewelry: Cue for brothers – give your sister a personalized neck chain with her name printed on it and watch her never take it off. For sisters, you can give your brother a personalized amulet with his name embedded in it so that every time he looks at his wrist it reminds him of you.

road trip: Nothing beats a road trip. Give your sibling a better day together – hop on a bike and take your sibling somewhere he’d love.

picture frame: Organize all the childhood memories in a big photo frame for your brother’s bedroom so that every time he wakes up he can look back and feel the nostalgia of the best times together.

Sneakers: in case your brother is a sneakerhead, then nothing beats that. Even if the sibling isn’t a sneakerhead, everyone loves good shoes.

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