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Kids Room Decorating Tips: Kids Room Decorating Ideas



Your children’s bedrooms are their little corners of paradise in this world. A space where their mind can be stimulated and their dreams can take on new wings. A place where they can express themselves fully and develop their own sense of aesthetics, responsibility and style. Decorating a child’s room is both a pleasure and a challenge. A pleasure because of the amazed look on your child’s face when you show them their new and improved bedroom. And quite simply a challenge, because your child’s room needs to grow and evolve with them, so the decoration should also be classic and not have redundant elements. So here is what you need to keep in mind when decorating your child’s room.

1) Buy beds and storage with the future in mind: Your kids won’t be insignificant people for too long, and not all of their things will fit in tiny spaces forever. So, when designing your children’s bedrooms, it would be wise to purchase beds and storage, keeping this fact in mind.

2) Wallpaper, instead of painting: Your children will grow up in the blink of an eye and very soon the baby pinks and sky blues that they adored as toddlers will not please them at all. Be wise, wallpaper, instead of paint. Wallpaper can easily be updated every few years without much hassle and costs a lot less than painting.

3) Consider the interests of your children: Your children should have a say in the design of their rooms. Take their interests into account and come up with a theme for them, based on which you can then purchase accessories and trinkets to decorate their room.


4) Versatile furniture: A growing child needs a lot of space, and the sad fact is, space comes at a premium. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your child’s bedroom is oriented towards maximum use of space. Think of multipurpose furniture, such as a bed with extra storage space for blankets, books, and toys. Or a study table that transforms into a computer workstation, as and when required. Think of wall shelves instead of heavy, conventional shelves.

5) Fun seating options: Go beyond plastic chairs and other boring “grown-up” furniture for your child’s room. Think young and funky like ottomans in fresh colors or ottoman style chairs. Not only do these give a unique identity to the piece, but they also bring dynamism and zest to the procedure.

6) An idea board: How about mounting a flexible panel on one of the walls and giving your kids the responsibility of decorating it with pictures, sketches, or whatever crazy idea they might have. This is a great way to stimulate their creativity and also to make sure that they don’t write, scribble or paint on the walls themselves …

Decorating your child’s bedroom is actually an interesting way to bond with your children about their interests and give them a sense of inclusion in the decision-making and governance process within the family.

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