Gift ideas

Keep Christmas sustainable this year with these eco-friendly gift ideas!


When giving gifts, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed. Sometimes it feels like we’re just buying things for fun, or to pick up something quick and easy, rather than making sure it’s meaningful, useful, or something they actually need. Especially around Christmas time it can feel like we’re just adding to all the unnecessary things that no one really needs, but we don’t want to sacrifice Christmas tradition either.

We understood. When we are in a rush and don’t feel like shopping, it’s more convenient to just pick up the closest thing. But there are many simple and sustainable options in the market and online for you to give gifts that are eco-friendly. Stuff they’ll actually use, stuff they really want that won’t end up in the back of someone’s wardrobe either. Check out our lasting and cute gift ideas that won’t break the planet or the bank!

Anam range from The Handmade Soap Company (RRP € 15)

Inspired by the Irish word for soul, The Handmade Soap Company’s ANAM range is the perfect gift for the interior fanatic, new owner, or scent lover in your life. Ethically sourced and cruelty-free, this line is the brand’s most sustainable line to date, completely reinventing the way we enjoy luxury soaps and lotions in the comfort of our own homes. The ANAM range includes candles, diffusers, pillow and mood mists, essential oils, a beautiful ceramic diffuser and delicious body oil. Buy here.

Seabody Body Beauty – 60 capsules (RRP € 85.00)

SEABODY harnesses the power of ocean plants from the Irish Atlantic coast to create luxury ocean-based dietary supplements and skin care products. Not only are the products vegan, organic, halal and kosher, but they are all 100% Irish and harvested from seaweed from the Atlantic Ocean.

Seabody’s proprietary fucoidan complex in combination with biotin and zinc which help maintain normal hair and nails as well as vitamin C, riboflavin, copper and manganese which help protect cells against oxidative stress. Seabody is committed to producing zero waste, plastic free, biodegradable and recycled packaging and uses locally sourced Irish materials. Buy here.

Mother Reusable Thermal Bottles

Available in large sizes of 500ml and 330ml for kids at and also available in several stores such as Avoca, their stylish bottles give you a smart and eco-friendly way to enjoy your drinks on the go. Fill up with water for your daily run or treat yourself to breakfast tea on the way to work. Triple-insulated stainless steel delivers premium thermal performance, keeping your drink at the perfect temperature, in a long-lasting way.

Ideal for Christmas gifts, thermal bottles keep drinks hot / cold for up to 24 hours, and now the Irish company has released four new models in their larger size (500ml) that have a powder coated finish in designs and striking colors. These bottles are perfect for travel days, car trips, or just a simple way to reduce plastic consumption. All the materials used (copper and steel) are biodegradable and the packaging used is 100% recyclable. For each bottle sold, Mother Reusables plants a tree supported by the Eden reforestation project. Buy here.

Set of 3 Kopper Kreation flower bud vases in brass (RRP € 35.00)

Kopper Kreation is an industrial housewares brand that uses reclaimed and recycled materials to create unique and eye-catching housewares. Emmet Bosonnet is the creator and founder of Dublin and has an Honors BA in Engineering. Emmet has always been inspired by industrial design and has a keen eye for designing practical and functional products. Emmet enjoys the raw materials of copper, steel and brass and takes inspiration from everything industrial and finds alternate uses for items that tend to be ignored or sent to a recycling center or landfill. . Handmade, Irish and durable. The Kopper Kreation Set of Three Button or Flower Vases in Natural, Marbled and Patinated Copper is 100% recycled and comes from scrap metal and test tubes from an old science lab. Buy here.

Lucy Nagle cashmere sweater (RRP € 210.00)

Each Lucy Nagle piece is made with 100% ultra-soft Mongolian cashmere yarn and features a relaxed and effortless style. The brand is all about well-being – a Lucy Nagle sweater moves with your body as you move through your busy everyday life – it’s also about feeling good and looking great. Cashmere is a staple of the capsule wardrobe. Lucy believes that cashmere doesn’t have to be expensive, which is why this quality yarn is such a great value. Once you’ve invested, your Lucy Nagle Forever piece gives the wearer freedom of movement, allowing them to instantly feel great as soon as they’re donned. Buy here. Eco-friendly toys is Ireland’s eco-toy store, with over 650 eco-friendly toys and books, from babies to teens. The range includes giant bubbles, 100% recycled plush toys, board games, flat-packed playsets, wooden puzzles, sandbox toys, inflatable balance / wobble boards, building toys (including a LEGO Duplo compatible block made from plants), art supplies Make the perfect alternative to children’s plastic toys this Christmas. They stock cars, trucks and more in bioplastic made from plants, wooden toys and puzzles, recycled cardboard toys, giant eco-friendly bubbles, and even art supplies so natural their ingredients are all edible!

Named after Pinocchio’s conscience Jiminy Cricket, Sharon created Jiminy Eco Toys to move the industry forward towards sustainability. Sharon says, “We have purchased over 700 such toys, for everyone from babies to teens. People often assume that our toys are all made of wood, and some are! But most are bioplastic (an innovative, climate-positive plastic made from plants), safe recycled plastic, cardboard, cotton, and paper. “

Buy here.

EcoTools Wake Up + Make Up Full Face Collection (RRP € 24.99)

EcoTools produces 100% cruelty-free, vegan synthetic makeup brushes, sponges, applicators and bath accessories that are both stylish and eco-friendly. The Wake Up + Make Up Full Face collection includes:

Ultimate Powder Brush

Spoolie brush

Flat Shadow Brush

Precision blending brush

Freshness Perfecting Blender

Angled ruled brush

Airbrush concealer brush

Micro blending brush

Classic foundation brush

EcoTools gift sets are available at drugstores nationwide, meaning you look like your best selves while saving the planet!

Seabody Glycan Enrich Moisturizer (50 ml € 65.00)

This super-rich, ultra-rich moisturizer is powered by powerful, multifunctional marine glycans including microencapsulated time-release MaraFucoidan â„¢, alginic acid, antioxidant marine polyphenols and vegan omega. Boost skin hydration and protect yourself from free radicals with this super moisturizer. Buy here.

The Home Moment Amber Fragrance Luxury Soy Wax Large Candle (RRP € 37.50)

With top notes of spice, amber, guaiac wood and base notes of powdery musk and vanilla, this scent takes you home to sweet leaves and the comforting, fundamental aromas of amber and of patchouli after a long day. Immerse yourself in delicious moments of self-care, the warm embrace of a candle flame, enjoy the slowdown of time to enjoy the generous present moment.

There is a seed card included in each candle box which has a scannable QR code taking you to natural soundscapes recordings. Light your HOME candle while you bathe or when you sit down to meditate and listen to an original recording by our in-house artist “Darkscapes”.

When your candle is burnt out, you can put the seed card into the pot with a hand full of soil and let flowers grow, encouraging reuse of the beautiful amber glass jars and bringing beautiful nature-filled moments to your home. Buy here.

Codex Beauty Labs Festive Soap Set (RRP € 20.00)

Available on, this gorgeous Christmas set comes from leading biotech skin care company, Codex Beauty Labs. Data-driven, herbal skin care brand, they focus on providing functional, clinically proven products using airless sugarcane packaging for durability.

The Codex Beauty Festive Soap Set consists of Harvest and Holiday soaps. Enriched with moisturizing and cleansing Shea Butter, antioxidant-rich pumpkin, purifying cocoa, oats and poppy seeds, Harvest Soap provides a gentle exfoliation, while the festive scent blend of cardamom, clove, Cinnamon, ginger, patchouli, annatto and sweet orange will make this a favorite during the holidays. Holiday Soap is enriched with purifying French green clay, invigorating nettle and soothing wheatgrass, while stimulating with its herbaceous, peppery and lemony blend of tea tree, patchouli, black pepper and lemongrass. This duo set is definitely a perfect gift to give this Christmas. Buy here.

This workspace to dream (RRP € 48.00)

Treat someone you love to one of This Works’ luxurious gifts, designed to help you switch off, for happy nights and brighter mornings. The ultimate sleep kit and dream night ritual combined, first of all enjoy a bath with a deep sleep bath – therapeutic bath salts to help relieve tension. Second, rub the sleep balm on the pulse points to pamper the skin and help relieve anxieties, then apply the anti-stress roll-on to enhance mental and physical relaxation. Finally, try the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray to help promote a better night’s sleep. This Works range is available online at Cloud10 Beauty, Shaws Department Stores, Arnotts, Brown Thomas, Avoca, Carraig Dunne, and select national pharmacies, or you can purchase online here.

Emerald Farm Relaxing Oil (RRP € 37.00)

Available in national pharmacies, Boots Ireland, and online at, this Irish brand of CBD brings you their CBD products carefully blended with vitamins and other nutritious ingredients that contribute to your overall health. RELAX is a naturally blended CBD oil containing passionflower, chamomile and the taste of peppermint. These additional benefits help promote a restful night’s sleep. The perfect gift of relaxation and zen this Christmas. Emerald Farm is carbon neutral, uses sustainable packaging, and aims to be a B Corp certified business by the end of 2022. Buy here.