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Gift ideas that capture the spirit of Jalisco, Mexico

Gift givers looking to capture the quintessential Mexico spirit will be inspired by this curated gift guide inspired by Jalisco, the birthplace of mariachi and tequila, and home to nine magical cities.


In Jalisco, the artisanal art of glassblowing takes up to 20 years to master, using a 500-year-old technique. Transport your friend or loved one to the sprawling metropolis of Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco, with a hand-blown glass gift. It only takes a sip of Verve Culture’s colorful mouth-blown glasses (US $ 48) to imagine yourself soaking up the Mexican sun while enjoying a cold margarita. Verve Culture works with a talented team of artisan glassblowers in Jalisco to sustainably manufacture each piece of glassware.


The Huaraches are as unique as the fashion pioneer in your life. Both sophisticated and comfortable summer shoe par excellence, the huarache translates to “sandal” and dates back to the pre-colonial era in the Mexican states of Jalisco, Michoacán and Yucatán. This flat shoe is made with intricate woven leather bands that mold around the feet and a closed toe or peep toe. Comfortable and durable shoes were worn in rural communities by farm workers because they allow the air to fight the heat. Mexican artisans carry on this craft that has lasted for hundreds of years with variations in figure, both abroad and in the United States. The Etsy global online marketplace also features authentic, handmade huaraches like a multi-colored (US $ 40) peep toe style from Jalisco.


There is more to agave than just a tasty margarita. Several Jalisco-based tequila brands are doing their part to reduce waste with the introduction of biodegradable agave fiber drinking straws. These eco-friendly straws illustrate that no part of the blue agave plant is wasted. These agave fiber straws break down up to 200 times faster than traditional plastic straws and are stronger than paper straws. Código 1530 recently released 100% Biodegradable Agave Fiber Straws (US $ 48) which can be purchased online in packs of at least 500. Agave Straw Co. offers a 50 pack (US $ 9) retail .

Agave is not only good to drink but also to eat. Blue agave syrup and sweeteners are widely used as an alternative to regular sugar. Agave is sweeter than sugar and has a mild flavor with no aftertaste, making it a natural alternative to refined sugar, honey, and artificial sweeteners. They are widely available in stores including Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and other local grocery stores. They are also one-click away for online purchase, such as Fair Trade Certified Organic Blue Agave Nectar (US $ 22 for a pack of 2) on and BlueGreen Organic Agave Nectar produced in the same way. durable (US $ 5) from Williams Sonoma.

Treat yourself or someone on your list to an all-natural Blue Agave Bar Soap for a light and fresh scent! A Wild Soap Bar’s Blue Agave Soap (US $ 7) provides powerful hydration while protecting against environmental stress and rejuvenating skin. This family business handcraft all-natural soaps from responsibly grown and wild plants that are safe for everyone. Thanks to their continued partnership with 1% For The Planet, at least 1% of their gross sales are donated each year to environmental associations.


To reflect on how the perception of women in the tequila (and other Mexican spirits) industry has changed over the past decades, the book From Babes to Boss Ladies (US $ 20) highlights women who contribute and create tequila, mezcal, sotol, bacanora and other Mexican spirits. It recognizes, respects and honors the contributions of modern women in the industry, an inspiration to us all.


Let the spirit of the season, that is to say, the spirit of agave, guide your gifts. Agave drinks have become a part of Mexico’s national identity thanks to Jalisco, the birthplace of tequila. Mexico’s iconic drink comes from the tequila of Magical Town, where historic production facilities and a UNESCO World Heritage-listed agave landscape make the region a must-visit. The less commercialized raicilla, its denomination of origin Jalisco, is another distilled agave spirit with a characteristic taste. Both can be purchased anywhere in the United States. Resources like 1000 caps will help you find raicilla (over $ 32) that is slowly gaining popularity.

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