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Fun Fall and Halloween Craft Ideas for the Family


SAN ANGELO, Texas- Texas- Fall is here across the Concho Valley and if the cooler nights and fresh air haven’t got you in the mood, maybe the fun crafts will do. If you missed my KSAN Weather show yesterday, you missed a gift voucher. Creating art is a great way to save money on decorations and create a more touching and memorable room. It’s not just for adults; kids of all ages can also enjoy handcrafting. Below are a few neat DIYs that I talked about on my Sunday show. Please feel free to send me pictures of the ones you and your family have taken, so that I can show them off on my show. Good design!


Everyone’s favorite Halloween treat is back! Have fun creating and decorating your own candy corn picture for the whole family to enjoy. Now is the time to get creative and let your imagination run wild! Sweet corn is not only good to eat, it’s even fun to make.

What do you need:

  • White or black construction paper
  • Black marker or white pencil
  • Mix of yellow, orange buttons, buttons, white buttons
  • Glue or hot glue gun (get help from an adult)
  • Optional substitution for buttons: sequences, sequins, sparkles (preferably in the colors listed above)


It’s an easy job for anyone. Have yourself or an adult trace the sweet corn design on white or black construction paper. Depending on the color you use, you will use either the black or white marker or pencil. Do not color the sweet corn. You will then use the orange, yellow and white buttons to fill the inside of the sweet corn. Be creative with this process. No matter what size buttons you have or the order, the result will be the same. Administer the buttons with glue or have an adult help you with a glue gun. If you can’t find the buttons in typical colors, use glitter. It’s more of a mess, but your craft will have a sparkling touch in the end. If all else fails, use sequences. When you’re done, hang them to dry or leave them on your patio. Now you have your own design of candy corn. Feel free to decorate the background as well to make your design more unique.


Halloween is only 13 days away and if you haven’t carved your pumpkin yet, here’s another way to make your Jack O ‘Lantern. Traditionally, carving a pumpkin has been one of the most popular crafts around Halloween. If you couldn’t get one or didn’t want to get dirty this year, here’s an alternative. If you have some old mason jars lying around you can make a Jack O ‘Lantern without all the mess. See below for instructions on how you can make your own Jack O ‘Lantern in your home.

What do you need:

  • Orange, yellow or green tissue paper
  • Jars
  • Shine
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Small candle and matches (handled by an adult only)
  • Green Pipe Cleaners Crafts
  • White marker


Take your mason jar and cover the outside with a mixture of orange and yellow tissue paper. You can cut the paper into strips and apply each or make smaller batches. It is best to cover your pot with 3-4 layers if you are using smaller patches. Make sure you glue the fabric to the outside of the pot. While your pot is drying, take the time to draw your unique Jack O ‘Lantern faces on black construction paper. Second, cut out the patterns on your black construction paper. Make sure you have an adult to help you with the cut if you need it. Then glue each facial design to the outside of the jar. You can add glitter to the face or animal designs, which will help them stand out at night. The final touches will include a green pipe cleaner to tie around the mason jar as a stem. Then have an adult place a candle in the middle. There you have your own Jack O ‘Lantern.

Decorate the autumn leaves

Too many leaves in your garden could be a nuisance, but here’s one way to fix it. Leaves come in many shapes, colors and characteristics. This makes them perfect for my last fall craft. There are many ways to create this fall craft. You can use the leaves in their actual form and make a collage of the different types or you can trace each type of leaves and design them individually using crayons, markers, glitter, fabric, construction, paper or any other element. I would suggest drawing the trunk of a tree and then adding the real leaves to fill it in.

What do you need:

  • Leaves in your garden or around your house
  • Construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Pencils and markers
  • Sequins, sequences, sparkles
  • Optional: construction paper, fabric sheets,

Draw a tree trunk for the base of the tree, but leave room for your collage of leaves. If you decide to use real leaves. You need to decorate them with glitter or sequences before applying them to the top of the trunk. Make sure your sheets are completely dry before laying them on the paper. If you decide to trace the leaves, you can use any of the above for designs. You can draw the stems on the leaves and trace them with markers. You can also trace the leaves and apply glitter or sequences to fill them in. When you’re done, hang up your artwork for the whole family to see. You should be proud!

Hope all of these crafts will help make Fall and Halloween more special for you. Don’t forget to try them on with your family and send me pictures of the finished product. If you feel like you’ve tried all the traditional craft ideas, hopefully these options will be something you will remember forever. Tune in every week for more craft ideas to help get you in the mood for all of your favorite vacations.


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