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Father’s Day DIY Ideas to Surprise Your Dad

Fathers Day is the perfect time to celebrate the special father figure(s) in your life, and what better way to show your love and appreciation than with a thoughtful gift?

The big day is tomorrow, Sunday June 20, so there’s not much time left for find a gift . Luckily, all of these craft ideas can be made using common household supplies and a few extra extras readily available at most supermarkets.

Why not get the kids involved and make it a fun project for the whole family?

From a scrapbook full of happy memories to a fun activity jar, here are five of the best craft ideas to surprise your dad, including the steps to make them.

The best craft ideas for Father’s Day

Most of these DIY gifts require paper or cardboard, colored pens, scissors and glue, but don’t worry because all the extras required are mentioned in the step-by-step guides.

Father’s Day Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a classic DIY gift idea, and for good reason. If your dad is a big sweetheart, make him a collection of photos, messages, and keepsakes he’ll cherish forever.

All you need is a scrapbook, glue or tape, pens, and whatever else you want to use to fill the book.

  1. Buy a blank album. You should be able to find some in any major supermarket, or you can visit your local Waterstones or WHSmith for a wider selection.

  2. Print out photos and collect old ticket stubs, postcards, or other meaningful items and categorize them by theme, milestone, or year.

  3. For each page, or spread, choose a key photo and accompanying stickers, posts, or messages. Write a title for each page if you are organizing it by year or milestone.

  4. Keep filling in the pages until you’re done, then add additional decorations. Don’t forget to write a Father’s Day message on the front or back!

Fill the coupon book

Whether you make a first fathers day gift on behalf of a new arrival, or if you want something the whole family can get involved in making, this is a great gift idea for any dad.

You can find a range of printable templates online, or you can make your own using colored pens, paper or card, scissors, a hole punch and string.

  1. Take a sheet of paper or cardboard and cut it into as many equal rectangles as you want. Feel free to use multiple sheets of paper if you want to color code your coupons.

  2. Decorate the front page with a happy Father’s Day message. Add glitter, stickers or any little extra you can find.

  3. Then use a marker to draw dashes around the border of each page to make them look like coupons.

  4. Fill each page with a chore, favor or something nice for your dad. Some good examples are “I’m going to do the dishes” or “I’m going to walk the dog”.

  5. On the last page, write a fun or sweet message for your dad, then browse and decorate the rest of the pages as you wish.

  6. Punch the top left corner of each coupon and use twine to tie it. When dad wants to use a coupon, he can easily snatch it.

Personalized picture frame

It’s a great fathers day budget craft project to do with the youngest. You just need a picture frame, a picture to put in it, glue, some paints, and any extra embellishments you can find around the house.

  1. Take your photo frame (for best results, find a white one with a thicker frame) and paint it or color it with permanent markers.

  2. Once dry, use an adhesive to attach buttons, gems, rhinestones or sequins to the frame.

  3. Finally, add a special photo for a totally unique gift Dad is sure to love.

Pot of activities “Dad’s choice”

This uses a similar idea to the Coupon Book, but it’s easier to give as a common gift. If you don’t already have a spare jar in the back of your kitchen cupboards, you can easily buy a mason at any supermarket.

  1. Use sheets of colored paper or cardboard to create many individual rectangles.

  2. On each piece of paper, write a fun activity or a day for dad. Alternatively, you can also color code the paper slips and add favors or chores to the jar.

  3. Label the jar or use a string to tie a label around the top. Dad can then take a note in the jar to decide what to do together on the weekend.

Handmade father’s day card

Sometimes a card with a really thoughtful message is the best gift you can give.

You can find Father’s Day cards at any supermarket or newsagent, but for a more personal and meaningful card, try making one by hand.

  1. Take an A4 or A5 card (or paper if you don’t have a card) and fold it in half.

  2. Decorate the front using craft supplies you have at home. Try painting a nice picture or even making a collage from newspapers and magazines.

  3. Don’t forget to add a special Father’s Day message in the card.