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DIY Room Decorating Ideas You Would Want To Steal (2020)


Can’t wait to be productive in your free time? Try out these DIY decorating ideas we’ve compiled for you! They range from easy to slightly difficult, but achievable and entertaining. Without further ado, scroll down for some inspiration.

Recycled vases

DIY glass vases | Source:

The first DIY home decorating project you can undertake is to create these trendy glass vases from recycled bottles. It doesn’t take much to make one, you just need some unused glass bottles, some fresh flowers like roses or chrysanthemums, and a few craft materials – white paint, gold glitter, anything will do. ‘case. Once you have gathered these essentials, the next step is to decorate the vases to make them attractive.

Gold accents

DIY Gold Accents | Source:

A metallic gold spray can do wonders for DIY decorating projects. Try to use it to refresh the look of your interior. Pick out the items or furniture you planned to enhance with the classic color and take them to a well-ventilated area. Remember to thoroughly clean all surfaces before spraying them. Wait until they are completely dry before putting them in. Pro Tip: Cover any areas you don’t want sprayed with duct tape for a polished finish.

Spray Painted Bookends

Woodlog Bookends | Source:

Spray paint can really go a long way when you’re on a budget. Use it to set up anything sturdy to use as a bookends: rocks, logs, even bricks! It costs next to nothing but looks as chic as those agate stone bookends on the market. Spray painted rocks would also make a nice DIY gift idea, just make sure the color matches the one you are giving the gift for.

Ice lolly shelf

Popsicle shelf | Source:

Bless those who always keep their Popsicle sticks. But if you’re not one of those people, or if you just don’t really like popsicles, you can always purchase them from the nearest craft store to make a DIY shelf. It certainly doesn’t cost as much as a new shelf. All you have to do is stack these sticks with glue and then run some wood stain over them to polish the pattern. You now have a shelf for your succulents and cacti.

Tissue paper flowers

Tissue paper flowers | Source:

Bare walls can sometimes look drab and drab, so why not spruce them up with tissue paper flowers? They add color to your otherwise simple walls and they certainly don’t fade. It will be really fun to mix and match the colors however you like using tissue papers in several shades. Not only do tissue paper flowers make a beautiful DIY bedroom decoration, they are also perfect for party decoration!

Cork notice board

DIY cork board | Source:

It is always helpful to have a cork board in the bedroom. You can put whatever is dear and important to you: vacation photos, memos, a to-do list, a goal list, basically anything you can set up there. It can be quite difficult to build a good cork board, but put up with it because it is worth it! Find out how to do it on craft websites like

Oversized Quote Poster

Oversized Book Page Wall Art | Source:

Anyone could use inspirational quotes for their study. In this project, you will be making oversized wall art from the best quotes that speak to you. You can even show off your dearest writer’s most meaningful page in a stylish way. Some sites offer ready-to-print designs, but if you’re a fan of digital design, creating your own is a good idea too!

Vintage Framed Scarf

Hermès framed scarf | Source:

Do you remember that vintage scarf from your mother that is so dear to you that you have never worn it? Turn it into a decorative piece by putting it in a frame and it can quickly become the main piece of an otherwise simple room. A good choice of artistic scarf would be anything from Hermes or even something you bought at a flea market.

Geometric wallpaper

Another simple yet creative DIY bedroom decorating idea is to create a geometric accent in your bedroom interior. It only requires painter’s tape to design geometric patterns. After that, you can freely paint the shapes with your favorite shades. Wait until it is dry before removing the ribbon to reveal the masterpiece.


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