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Cute Dorm Decor Ideas 2021 – Best Dorm Decorating Essentials


Katie Buckleitner

Sure, studying and making new friends is cool and all, but another precious part of going to college is having your own space for the first time. Okay maybe it’s not all your own space (hi, roommates!), but for many people it is the first time that you live (a little) alone and therefore you can decorate it as you want to. Ultimately! You can develop your interior design skills and create a sanctuary where many essays will be designed and lasting friendships will be fostered. So, without further ado, here are some dorm room decorating ideas you should check out.

And yes (because I know you are asking) all of these ideas are dorm friendly. No extreme paint jobs or cooking appliances prohibited in this mixture! Instead, you’ll find ways to level your bed, aesthetic storage options, and plenty of other ways to transform your room into the coolest one in the building. Scroll on for 20 cute college bedroom decorating ideas and check out more dorm room essentials here. Good decoration!

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a cool lamp

Squiggle table lamp with pleated shade


$ 78.10

Whether you plan to use it as a desk lamp, bedside lamp, or both, you bet it will look so chic in your bedroom.


an easy gallery wall

Classy Night In Gallery Wall


$ 608.25

The gallery walls are so cool, until you realize how much gray matter is needed. If you don’t have the time or patience for this, Desenio has dozens of cool gallery wall combinations that you can purchase as a set. Or if you prefer to make one yourself, you can use their gallery wall tool to help you design one — all without headache.


dizziness from an alarm clock



$ 149.00

Not only is this alarm clock sexy as hell (I never thought I’d say that), but it also has tons of cool features that promote healthy sleep patterns. We’re talking about a dimmable screen, a built-in night light, a two-stage alarm, and even playable content (like guided meditations and sleep playlists).


a customizable bath mat

Tile Mat – Standard


$ 75.00

This vintage-inspired rug comes with a bunch of tiles so you can customize it however you like.


an aesthetic charging station

Wireless charging stone

Einova by Eggtronic

A wireless charging station that looks like a pretty slab of marble? Down.


some flameless candles

Flameless Led Candles

Yinuo candle

$ 26.99

Dorms usually don’t allow candles (sad), so here’s a flameless option that you can control with a handy remote.


luxury hotel-worthy bedding

Slumber Embroidered Stripe Percale Duvet Cover and Sham Set

Lie to me and tell me you not like the idea of ​​sinking into a clean, silky bed after a long day of study.


a really cute mini fridge

Retro 3.2 Cu. Ft. Mini-fridge


$ 368.00

If you’re thinking of getting a mini-fridge, you might as well buy one that looks # good, right?


this rattan bin

White rattan waste basket

It’s all about the details, so yes, your trash can also have to look good.


some cool bookends

Face bookend vase

Justine blakeney

$ 98.00

I mean these textbooks must go somewhere, law? Between a pair of fun bookends, this is the perfect spot.


a pretty headboard

West elm x pbdorm rattan imitation headboard

If your dorm doesn’t have a headboard, add one! Believe me, your bedroom will instantly be transformed and look more legitimate.


a storage ottoman (or two)

Padded and padded storage pouf

Amazon Basics

Get yourself some storage space that doubles as a seat. You will be grateful to them every time your friends come.


an elegant side table

Metal end tray

We! Love! Affordable! Furniture! This option under $ 40 is the * chef’s kiss * and perfect as a nightstand.


a stylish laptop stand

Acrylic monitor stand


$ 28.99

Enhance your office space with a sleek monitor stand that will place your screen at an ergonomic height. (Your posture will thank you!)


a lil speaker

Emberton portable bluetooth speaker


$ 199.00

This portable speaker may be small, but it is powerful. And, not to mention, super chic!


a welcoming doorstop

Geo door stopper

Western elm

$ 60.00

If you like to keep your dorm door open (your social butterfly, you), do so with a cute doorstop that won’t get in the way of your style.


an acrylic photo frame

Small magnetic frame

For all those precious photos.


stylish storage options

Roscoe metal baskets

I can’t stress this enough: you’re going to need a lot of places to put things. And these gold baskets are a cool choice.


a cozy rug

Neva Shag Plush Rug

A high pile rug will instantly make your room even more comfortable. And what is it? A find under $ 100? Goal!


colorful galaxy lights

Galaxy Projector

Whether you are hosting a gathering or just want a relaxing spot, this galaxy projector will create all the vibrations.

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