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Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving – North Star


The Thanksgiving break is approaching, a time for students to relax and spend time with their families before Finals season begins. Here are some crafts to do while you wait for Thanksgiving dinner to be over.

Mini turkey pumpkins

Mini turkey pumpkins take less than 20 minutes to prepare and are a fun and easy craft.

For this craft, all you need are mini pumpkins, acrylic paint, construction paper, a fine-tipped paintbrush, glue, and scissors.

For paint colors you need: red, black, yellow and white. For construction paper colors: red, yellow, green and orange. After you’ve got all the materials, it’s time to start making pumpkins.

You can find the tutorial here.

Pumpkin wreath

You can hang this craft on the mantel above the fireplace, and for each pumpkin you put on the garland, you can name a family member and say why you love them.

For the garland, you will need orange and green construction paper, a pen, scissors, a hole punch, brass ties, glue, tape, and a stapler.

On the orange sheets of paper, you write the name of a family member and why you love them or why you are grateful to them. You can find the full garland tutorial at Autumn garland “I love you”.

Turkey treats

Prepare this Thanksgiving treat and use it to decorate the dinner table or as a gift for guests. These can also be fun to do with a younger sibling.

All you need for this project is tulle, Reese’s Pieces or M & M’s, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, and small sheer rubber bands. Make sure you get the fall colored candy and pipe cleaners to match the theme.

Find the complete tutorial of sweets here.

Apple stamping pumpkins

Pick up an apple from the kitchen and start dabbing cute pumpkins. You can do several at a time and as many as you want.

For apple stamping, the materials you will need are an apple cut in half, orange paint, google eyes, and green and brown pipe cleaners. You will also need a sheet of white paper. Printer paper will work fine.

You can find the tutorial for the apple stamping craft at Apple Stamping Pumpkin Crafts.

Mini Turkey Succulent Planters

Similar to mini turkey pumpkins, they will be a nice touch to your dorm room for the holiday season and to add some greenery to your life.

The materials needed for this craft are mini terracotta pots, paintbrushes, acrylic paint, and mini succulents. The colors of the paint are red, yellow, black and white. Succulents can be real or artificial, depending on your plant conservation skills.

The full tutorial for this festive craft can be found here.

Spend the holiday holidays trying out these crafts with family members or on your own to immerse yourself in the holiday spirit.