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Christmas Craft Ideas – Simple, Durable Styles To DIY In December


It’s the season to embrace the handcrafted charm and try out all the Christmas craft ideas while sipping mulled wine and watching Vacations for the 17th time. We’re so keen this year to have a more sustainable Christmas and not fill our house with things that will inevitably end up in landfills, so this year we’re going to get smart and go for a more homemade Christmas that won’t just be beautiful and full of personality but will be much better for the environment too.

So, to put what we preach into practice, we’ve rounded up all of the festive crafts we’re going to try this year to inspire you to get so crafty. From making classic wreaths to DIY Christmas decorating ideas, there’s a craft here for all styles and abilities.

Simple Christmas crafts to try

1. Fill the ceiling with paper stars

Christmas DIY Ideas

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Old-fashioned paper decals have been a Christmas trend for years and they just keep getting bigger. They’re eco-friendly, filled with nostalgia, and so easy to DIY on your own. You can try out lots of DIY paper backdrops, from simple cut out snowflakes to origami stars that fill the ceiling in this hallway. Whatever style you’re looking for, more is more, what could be more inviting than a room filled with paper chains? Or a magnificent display of snowflakes hanging above the Christmas table.

So make a party movie, tie up the family, and sit down with paper and scissors to create cute decorations that you can hang all over the house. And don’t be too picky if they don’t turn out to be perfect, that’s part of the charm.

2. Create a crown according to your style

Christmas DIY Ideas

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

Making the Christmas wreath is one of our favorite Christmas hobbies, and if you haven’t made one yourself before, it’s surprisingly easier. Plus, it’s even easier when you buy a pre-made willow or metal base, or a moss ring. Then all you have to do is fill it with lush evergreen foliage, most of which you can find in your garden.

We spoke with expert florist Philippa Craddock who gave us her top tips for making a Christmas wreath, so check out our step-by-step guide for everything you need to know.

3. DIY a beautiful Christmas centerpiece

How to make a Christmas centerpiece

(Image credit: Philippa Craddock)

Much like a wreath, making a Christmas centerpiece can often be done from foliage you can pick. And you can also get creative by creating something that reflects your style and suits the mood you are looking for your Christmas table decoration, whether chic and minimalist, or rustic country style.

There are many ways to make a centerpiece, but a very simple one is to fill a bowl of compote (basically a vase with a stem) with soaked floral foam, then start with evergreen pieces like fir and a box to hide the foam. Add a few tendrils of ivy, to run down the sides of the vase. Then incorporate holly sprigs for more texture and contrast with their beautiful waxy leaves, and berries for a touch of color. You can make something like this in a matter of minutes, just get creative and play around with your arrangement until it looks full and festive. And you can make a collection to run the spine of your table for a truly impressive centerpiece.

4. Print your own gift wrap

Christmas DIY Ideas

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Doesn’t that bring you back? You might think that potato printing is a Christmas craft for kids, but trust Annie Sloan for making it infinitely more stylish and proving that you can achieve really effective, even chic, results. using a potato. It’s a nice and super easy way to make your own wrapping paper, using only brown paper as the base. Durable and cute.

If you’ve never used this old printing method before, it’s a very fine art that takes years of practice. Of course, we’re kidding, just get yourself a potato, cut it in half and draw your pattern on the potato, then slice it up. Then use a brush to cover the shape with any color you want (white looks beautiful on brown paper) and simply print it on your paper. Again, don’t worry if it looks a bit faded, it will look great once you add some ribbons and they are all stacked under the tree.

5. Dry oranges for wreaths and garlands

Christmas DIY Ideas

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Dried oranges are such a versatile decoration that they look lovely just sitting on the branches of a Christmas tree, strung together to make a garland, or set as a wreath. They are also so simple to make and fill the house with the most beautiful party scent. To make dried oranges, heat your oven to 140C / 120C then line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Cut your oranges into slices of about 2 cm and place them on the baking sheet. Bake for 45min to 1 hour. Let them cool and then use them as you see fit!

6. Make your own crackers this year

Christmas DIY Ideas

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Not only are DIY crackers better for the environment, but that means you can fill them with things people would really want to take home, rather than an oversized plastic paper clip and joke everyone hears every time. Christmas for decades.

The easiest way to make your own crackers is to buy a kit, Etsy sells a lot of simple paper designs that you can really make yourself. Fill them with Christmas table gifts that feel personal and will actually mean something to your guests – don’t forget to add the paper hats and write your own jokes!

7. Elevate your table with a simple but effective DIY decor

Christmas DIY Ideas

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

The decorations that float above the Christmas table really take it to the next level, adding something more magical than a classic centerpiece. And while they may look incredibly impressive, they can be surprisingly easy to do. Simply find a branch that is suitable for the size of your table and that is not too heavy as it will need to be hung from the ceiling. Then tie your choice of decorations to the branch, which can be anything, balls on transparent wire and paper decorations, ivy tendrils or, as seen here, orange garlands. dried and greenery.

What’s the easiest Christmas craft?

The easiest Christmas craft that anyone can participate in is making paper chains. And they can be so versatile, too, while they could have been a bit kitsch if you stick to white paper, they can work so well with a rustic or minimalist decor scheme. The same goes for the classic Christmas craft idea, paper snowflakes, you really can’t go wrong with them, put them all together and they will always look magical.

Making a wreath can also be an easy job, if you have a head start with a good base like a moss ring or a pre-made fir wreath. Then it’s just a matter of adding your own greenery and experimenting until you get a look that works for you.