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By your side: Last minute gift ideas


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, fear not. By your side is here. Here are some last minute gift ideas.

Meal kit service

Sign up your busy loved one for a meal kit service. Many have holiday promotions.

Spa Gift Card

Give your mom a Spafinder gift card. This will allow her to book a massage at a local spa.

Fitness class

For your nephew who likes to stay fit, a Classpass membership will give them access to gym classes at local fitness studios and online!

Expert class

And there is nothing like giving the gift of knowledge. A subscription to Masterclass, Wonderium or Skillshare allows your siblings to take online courses taught by experts in everything from art to zoology!

Park passes

For your cousin who loves the outdoors, a national park pass costs $ 80.

Here’s an idea for kids who have it all.

“I like to encourage them to give them something, like a lesson, so they helped pay for the swimming lessons. And my oldest Isaiah, he wanted to do a play this year, so we just came up with it as, why not do it as one of your holiday gifts this year, ”said Sarah Peterson, parent.

Who doesn’t like money? For children, start with a savings account that could roll into an investment account.

“With a CD, you invest a certain number of funds and you get back a certain interest rate. Your funds are blocked for a period of time, ”said Stephanie Robb of BluCurrent.

Lottery Tickets Are Fun, But Money Experts Say You’re Better With cryptocurrency and stocks. There are plenty of apps. Word to the wise budgeted for the account. Those under the age of eighteen need something called a custody account.

“Buy it for your 15 or 16 year old. Just watch it as it grows up and they could understand how the stock market works, ”said Shawn Gallagher of Piatchek & Associates.

Note if anyone on your list is passionate about a cause.

“If you are still having difficulty, you may consider making a donation on behalf of someone. It will spread the holiday cheer even more, ”said Angela Lashbrook of Consumer Reports.

Think local

Memberships at Dickerson Park Zoo last for one year. It’s the same with Discovery Center. There are Silver Dollar City passes and Branson shows.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Make a Christmas tree ornament or craft.

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