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Best summer hostess gift ideas to say thank you


The best hosts know that you should never show up empty-handed. Julia Cherruault for Observer

A great guest knows how to never show up to someone’s house empty-handed, but a great guest knows how important it is to bring a gift that stands out from the crowd. If you have been lucky enough to spend this summer in a country house with friends and family, maybe by the beach or by the pool, then you surely want to show your host how much you enjoyed their generous hospitality, and what better way than with a thoughtful gift?

It’s always a good idea to spend time and effort in selecting the perfect gift, so it’s clear that you haven’t just walked into a drugstore and picked up a last minute generic candle or a boring bouquet. Instead, try to find a suitable gift for your host, whether it’s a glossy book about one of their favorite destinations, a bottle of their favorite champagne, or maybe a bottle of champagne. ‘a diffuser of his favorite scent.

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There are still a few weeks left in the summer, and if you want to secure that beach house invitation for the rest of the season (and make sure you’re on the guest list next year), then we’ve got you covered. strongly recommend that you present yourself with an elegant and distinctive gift. Below, check out the best gifts to bring to your summer beach house host.


Italic Olive Wood Kitchen Utensil Set

The accomplished hostess will absolutely love this minimalist wooden serving utensil set, which she will take full advantage of. $ 50, italics.

Azul class.

Clase Azul Gold Tequila

The tequila lover will go crazy over this Clase Azul Gold bottle, and if you’re lucky they might just open the bottle when you visit. What better way to celebrate the end of a wonderful summer? $ 300, Azul class.


Bearaby Tree Layer

Hosting is hard work, so give your host a comfy weighted blanket for the best nap ever. $ 269, Bearaby.

Acqua di Parma.

Atmosphere diffuser Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico Di Amalfi

This chic diffuser gives off the most beautiful fig tree aroma inspired by the Mediterranean. $ 102, Saks Fifth Avenue.

The Compagnie des Vins de Prisonniers.

The Prisoner Wine Company Red Blend

Having that many people often means serving a lot of wine, so bringing an extra bottle is always appreciated. $ 49, The Prisoner Wine Company.


Tamam OYA serving bowl

A pretty blue serving bowl immediately enhances any table setting, and it’s very practical, too. $ 225, Tamam.

Le Creuset.

Le Creuset 10 quart enameled steel cooking pot

While some people can be quite picky and particular when it comes to their cookware, no one can resist a new Le Creuset pot. $ 91.95, Nordstrom.


SmartSweets Build-a-Box 14-Pack

Does anyone have a sweet tooth at home? This personalized box of candies is sure to be a hit, especially when they’re low in sugar, but not low in taste. $ 45.78, SmartSweets.

Adam Lippes.

Adam Lippes Roseraie embroidered napkins

These delicate cotton napkins are sure to be a summer table staple. $ 95, okay.

Caroline K.

Carolina K Hand Painted Peacock Vase

Sure, flowers are beautiful, but why not treat your host to something that will last a little longer, like this handmade ceramic vase? $ 185, Caroline K.


Pack of truffle varieties

Improve the condiment situation with these spicy truffle sauces. $ 69.99, Truffle.

Martini and Rossi.

Martini & Rossi Prosecco

A bottle of champagne is a sure-fire gift, because is there anything more summery than a glass of prosecco? $ 14.99, Drizly.

Lauren McBride.

Lauren McBride Round Decorative Seagrass Trays

These seagrass decoration trays are both trendy and functional. $ 39.33, QVC.


Daou Picnic at Home

Bring the picnic home with this charming set, which includes two bottles of rose, a chic canvas bag, two marble tumblers and a rose wine key. $ 175, Daou.

Violet Rose.

Smoked candles with purple rose petals

These pretty pink hand marbled taper candles are the perfect accessory for a summer table. $ 22, rose violet.

Dogwood Hill.

Dogwood Hill Forget Me Nots Green Notecard folded

Going the extra mile to personalize these floral print note cards will definitely earn you points with the host. $ 35, Dogwood Hill.

Etu Home.

Etu Home Round charcuterie board navy blue Mod

Instantly elevate any charcuterie board situation with this dark blue version. $ 155, Maison Etu.


Assouline ‘Tuscany Marvel’

Even if you haven’t been to Italy this summer, you can still indulge in a serious travel urge for all things Tuscan with this glossy tome of Assouline. $ 95, Assouline.

Château d’Arsac Margaux.

Chateau d’Arsac Margaux

On that note of wanting to travel, why not take your host to France with a bottle of Bordeaux? $ 36.74, Vivino.


Apotheke Earl Gray Bitters Liquid Soap

While you might not consider soap to be the most glamorous gift, we promise that your host will seriously appreciate a luxury hand washing like this version of Apotheke, especially since these types of bathroom amenities. the house go fast when there are tons of guests. $ 22, Apotheke.

The White Company.

The White Company Mother of Pearl Picture Frame

There’s no better way to remember the best times of summer than with tons of photos, and this mother of pearl frame is the perfect way to display the best photos. $ 59, La Compagnie Blanche.


Longaberger Seagrass Coasters Set

At large-scale parties, there are never enough coasters, and this seagrass set is so chic for the season. $ 28, Longaberger.

The Floral Society.

Watering can La Société Florale

Bringing a gift that shows you care about their interests will earn you a lot more points. If you’ve noticed how careful they are with their outdoor garden, consider this cute white watering can. $ 110, Nordstrom.

Saban glassware.

Saban glassware

The Ultimate Hostess always has the most stunning table setting, and you can’t beat these gorgeous blue glasses. $ 60, Saban.

The best gifts to bring to your host Summer Beach House


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