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8 DIY gift ideas for a wedding


The wedding season is fast approaching, and you have already received one or more invitations? Why not add a little special touch to the gift you will be giving! You can opt for a 24k gold rose for the lady, or you can give the newlyweds something unique and personalized!

Ready to be inspired? Here are 8 DIY gift ideas to give to a wedding!

1. Playful table linen

These are tea towels that are sure to make you smile. You can have them custom printed if you are close to the newlyweds and know their favorite expressions! A nice touch that gives a little nod to the life of a couple. You can buy them online or make them yourself by following several online tutorials.

2. The dispute box

Do you know the principle of the “first torque baffle” box? The principle is very simple: the bride and groom must write a love letter which they must then place in a box with a bottle of wine. In the first “real” marriage argument, they have to open the box, share the bottle of wine, and read the love letters they wrote to each other.

Certainly, this gift requires the participation of the bride and groom, but it is such a beautiful attention!

3. Personalized mugs

This little gift has a lot of charm! Take out your Sunday writing to enter the letters of the first names of the bride and groom as well as the date of their marriage. Two white mugs and a Sharpie pencil are the only items you’ll need to complete this DIY!

4. Saucer for Rings

Who says marriage says alliances! You can opt for a pretty terracotta wedding ring holder covered with gold leaf so that the bride and groom can put their wedding rings on it at the end of the day. Right in the trend of bohemian-chic weddings, this little handmade gift will undoubtedly make people happy! You can also achieve this model with a marbled effect, just as trendy.

5. Love letter

Delicate and minimalist, it is a type of wall decoration that will charm the newlyweds! To make it, you can use an old envelope you already own, or you can make one especially for the occasion.

6. Decorative pillow cases

A bit in the same spirit as table linen, you can offer the bride and groom decorative and personalized pillowcases! You can make them yourself with fabric paint or order them online.

Pretty, simple and elegant!

7. Cutting board

It’s an original, pretty and super practical gift idea! Engrave an emblem with the letters of the couple’s last names on a cute wooden cutting board. This personalized board will certainly find its place in the kitchen of the bride and groom as a decorative element!

8. Themed mason jars

Mason jars always have their place in decoration! A nod to the bride and groom by making two pots representing the groom and the bride. A perfect decorative idea that fits well in the bedroom as a storage compartment!

With the right gifts, you will make the couple’s day more memorable and explain your importance in their life. Do-it-yourself gifts are simple, cheaper alternatives to some of the traditional options you have in place. You’ll save time and money, and come up with something you love. This option allows you to do some creative work to find the best gift for the couple. You can use online platforms like Pinterest, where you will find various ideas to try out for your DIY wedding gift.

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