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6 trendy craft ideas on TikTok


We have watched enough television to last a lifetime and that is why many of us are looking for other forms of entertainment to get through the evenings of this lockdown. Enter Crafts: It is a relaxing way to escape the stress of the day while focusing on a creative and enjoyable hobby.

Trying to learn a new skill at home without the help of lessons or an expert to guide you can seem daunting, but there is a way around it; an inside secret, if you will – TikTok.

By downloading the Abbreviated Mobile Video Platform, you get unlimited access to the exciting world of crafting, not only discovering serious talents, but also tutorials on how you can learn their expertise.

All kinds of skills are on display, from making miniature models to designing clothes and frosting bowls, and that just highlights a few.

Find the inspiration you’re looking for this lockdown and beyond by checking out our edition of the best TikTok craftsmen to follow right now …

The calligrapher

If your handwriting can be artistically given a makeover, try learning calligraphy with Caitlin Evans (@caitlligraphy).

Get ready to give those hastily scribbled thank you notes a stylish upgrade …

The sewing specialist

Ysabel Hilado (@ysabelhilado) is a womenswear designer who offers her TikTok followers multiple tutorials and tips on everything related to sewing and clothing design.

The dollhouse renovator

Follow her on her journey as she demonstrates how to recreate every aspect of the interior of her new home in tiny form – from masonry to the sofa, to a mini-TV (with remote control) and even a small toilet roll.

Her attention to detail is extraordinary and the finished results are impressive – and it’s a must-have for DIY interior enthusiasts.

The potter

She appeared on this year’s The Great Pottery Throw Down show on Channel 4 and, in layman’s terms, Shenyue Ding (@supperceramics) knows pottery.

His TikTok videos are clear and informative, providing lessons on a range of pottery techniques, such as how to create jugs of water, icing, and what is (and does) coning.

Arguably best of all, his channel offers advice on parts you can make at home with almost no equipment. Think espresso cups and jewelry dishes. There are 2021 birthday gifts sorted so …

The knitter and maker of hand-spun yarns

Have you ever wondered how hand spun yarn is made? Follow Lauren from Mother of Purl (@motherofpurll) to find out.

Knitwear designer Lauren is passionate about all aspects of knitting, including making her own yarn. With its TikTok chain, you can learn every step of the traditional practice, from picking and combing sheep’s fleece to hand-dyeing wool, spinning and, of course, knitting.

Perfect for knitters of all stages, Lauren’s step-by-step videos are fascinating and beautiful to watch.

The miniature model maker

Do you like doing things in miniature? Follow Filipe Miranda (@miniaturemodelmaking), the set designer who creates tiny, lifelike replicas of just about anything.

His skills are such that he makes his job easy. In reality, it is a complex job. But if you think you’d like the challenge of making your own micro Connect 4 set or a tiny Rubik’s Cube – both working – or maybe a really small padlock, visit his channel, pronto.

Download TikTok and search #LearnOnTikTok for more inspiring and fun craft ideas

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