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50 Best DIY Gifts for Mom

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It’s a fact, plain and simple: moms deserve the best. After all, they spend much of their lives caring for their children, guiding them, making them feel loved and, in Ree Drummond’s case, nurturing them as well. (Let’s just say the Drummond kids are a lucky bunch.)

As Mother’s Day approaches, you have the perfect opportunity to give back to the woman who has given you so much. Here, you’ll find the best DIY gifts for mom that will help you do just that. Come to think of it, these inspired DIY gifts aren’t just perfect for your mom; they also make the best gifts for grandmothers and gifts for mothers-in-law. And if you’re trying to find the perfect gift for a baker, we also have tons of homemade food gift ideas – and no, they won’t require you to spend your whole day in the kitchen (food gift baskets for win it!). Even DIY beginners are sure to find at least a dozen mom gifts on our list that they feel confident trying for themselves.

Here’s to celebrating all the wonderful moms with some truly meaningful and creative gifts that are as thoughtful and interesting as they come.

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Paint Splatter Bookends

Bookends always helpful. These concretes, which are particularly cute, will add color and operate their personal library.

Get the tutorial at A beautiful mess.


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Wood-fired cooking utensils

All we’re saying is, if somebody dealt we at one of these wood-fired utensils, we would gladly have them to dinner.

Get the tutorial at Delia creates.

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Photo calendar

An idea: fill this calendar with photos taken during each of the corresponding months of the previous year!

Get the tutorial at It’s always autumn.

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Cutting board holder

No more fiddling with their phone just to see the next ingredient! Get ready to make your favorite cook’s day with this DIY tablet holder.

Get the tutorial at love goes wild.

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Painted dishes

This one is a gift for both of you and your mum: This will provide you with a fabulous weekend project and brighten up their table accordingly.

Get the tutorial at A beautiful mess.


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lip balm locket

How smart is it? Each of these vintage-inspired lockets contains a hidden “container” of homemade lip balm.

Get the tutorial at A beautiful mess.

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Composition Book Travel Mug

If your mother is a teacher, this is the gift for her. The outside of the mug is inspired by the composition books we all used as kids.

Get the tutorial at dream a little bigger.

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tea cup candles

Yes, these are candles inside teacups! Too cute, right? Just be sure to make a few extra for yourself.

Get the tutorial at The handmade patch.

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cork wine stoppers

Decorative dollar store buttons turn into cute wine corks with this easy tutorial. Add a bottle of their favorite red (or white) to seal the deal.

Get the tutorial at Unleashed craftsmanship.

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Ombré Kitchen Utensils

Their spring and summer picnic adventures are about to get a whole lot prettier. These cherished utensils are a must-have.

Get the tutorial at Lydi out loud.

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Berry Nut Pancake Mix

There’s something so adorable about a gift in a mason jar, isn’t there? This pancake mix will come in handy on Sunday mornings.

Obtain the recipe from Ree.


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Pineapple Notebook

This DIY notebook is such a fun way to surprise creative moms. They’ll love using it for everything from simple tasks to journal entries.

Get the tutorial at Maritza Lisa.

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Pressed floral art

There are few gifts more classic than flowers. Here, the flowers are pressed into a pretty keepsake that she can admire all year round.

Get the tutorial at Lilly Ardor.

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Cork vases

Here’s a fun way to put your cork collection to good use: create vases of them!

Get the tutorial at Improvised design.

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New mom survival kit

Most moms would agree that the first Mother’s Day is certainly the most important. Treat her to a special day with this adorable box filled with gifts.

Get the tutorial at Ashley BrookeNicholas.

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Geometric Mother’s Day Surprise

Sweet and heartfelt messages hidden in colorful card stock make this project incredibly thoughtful. She will wipe away tears as she picks up each one.

Get the tutorial at Christine Murphy.

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watercolor print

How gorgeous is this print? Use this tutorial to learn how to turn any photograph into a beautiful work of art.

Get the tutorial at Charming indeed.

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Initial Sweatshirts

These DIY sweatshirts are so much fun, and believe it or not, they’re also incredibly easy to make. If you own an iron, you’re halfway there!

Get the tutorial at DIY workshop.

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Stackable clay bowls

She still treasures your macaroni necklace from grade school, so give her a place to display it! These trinket holders are shaped from polymer clay with cookie cutters and given a swirl of color before baking.

Get the tutorial at Fish & Bull.

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Infused salts

Don’t be surprised if she immediately wraps you in a hug after receiving one of these infused salts. Each makes a sophisticated and fun gift for any foodie.

Get the recipes.

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temporary tattoo cups

Who knew you could create beautiful floral mugs using temporary tattoos? Your mom will think of you every time she takes a sip.

gand the tutorial on Sarah Hearts.

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Simple hot cocoa mix

Here’s a simple idea: slip one of these pots of hot chocolate mix into a gift bag, and voila! She will only have to boil the water or the milk that accompanies it.

Get the recipe.

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floral bath bombs

These bath bombs not only look like roses, they smell like them too! It’s a fabulous gift for any mum who needs a little extra pampering this year.

Get the tutorial at Made in club.


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Homemade Salted Caramels

Patterned wax paper makes these classic candies even sweeter. And how cute are these polka dots?

Get the recipe.

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Edible Photo Decal Cookies

How fun are they? Cookies decorated with edible photo transfers for a decidedly original gift.

Get the tutorial.

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Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Sweet and salty for the win! Toss these decadent dark chocolate pretzels into a parchment-lined box and you have the easiest DIY gift ever.

Get the tutorial.

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spring flower magnets

What better way to hang photos of loved ones than with something made by a family member? These DIY flower magnets will beautify her fridge and make her smile every time she walks past them.

Get the tutorial at Lulu the baker.

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Herb Garden Planter

This wooden planter is a dream for any cook. This will keep her well-stocked with all of her favorite herbs.

Get the tutorial at Alice and Lois.

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Printed sunglasses

A set of signature sunglasses is one of the coolest DIYs we’ve seen lately. Protect her eyes and give her a stylish upgrade with these hand painted shades.

Get the tutorial at Charming indeed.

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Striped wooden utensils

Adding colorful stripes makes these wooden utensils anything but ordinary. Bonus points if you use them to prepare a sweet brunch.

Get the tutorial at The Blondielocks.

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