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5 fun wall painting ideas to refresh your home

5 fun wall painting ideas to refresh your home

April 06, 2022, 1:13 p.m.
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Change the look of your room with these fun wall painting ideas. (Photo credit: Max Pixel)

Walls are those blank canvases that can be made fun and interesting by painting them with colorful, statement hues.

A quirky and cool mural can instantly add punch to your living room or bedroom and say a lot about your personality.

It also creates the perfect background for your zoom calls and Instagram photos.

Here are five fun wall painting ideas.

A shadow wall adds a watercolor effect and texture to your walls.

He uses different tones of the same paint that blend into each other.

You can choose any color you want and paint the upper part of the wall with the lighter shade, the lower part with the darker shade, and mix the colors between the shades to achieve the ombre effect.

If you want to keep it simple and let your wall do the talking, then ditch the colorful paintings this time and go for text wall art to wow your guests.

You can keep the wall background white, warm and inviting, and use a stencil to write beautiful poem stanzas or meaningful quotes on the wall.

You can instantly change the look of a plain white wall by painting hexagons and filling it with different shades of brown or orange.

The pattern can fill a large part of the wall and adds a natural element.

Don’t shine all over the house though. Choose soft colors for the living room and bright hues for your bedroom.

A vibrant, funky hue like orange in a dark corner of your room can instantly lift your mood.

Orange is a very energetic color and will keep your spirits up. You can choose to give the ombre effect described above.

You can also choose a design and fill it with different shades of orange.

Do not overdo the color throughout the house.

This watercolor effect will add a vibrant and luminous pop of color to your otherwise plain, all-white wall.

This fun wall painting idea is sure to grab the attention of your guests.

To display the colorful watercolor effect on your walls, dilute acrylic paints in water and paint your walls with it.

The overall colors of the room need to be muted for the design to pop.