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5 craft ideas for kids to make the Indian flag


Handicraft activities for children at school and elsewhere are important every day of the Republic. Through these activities, children discover the flag of their country and also develop respect and affection for it. Crafts for the Indian flag can also be a good bonding activity for parents to bond with their children. Here are five different and exciting ways to make Indian flag crafts.

Thermocol balls

Get colored thermocol balls in the required colors of green, orange, white and blue. Draw a large flag image on the drawing paper and glue the colored balls in their respective places. Due to the 3D effect, it looks pretty and attractive.

Even after being one of the most popular trades, it is still the most interesting. All you need to do is pick some red legumes, green legumes, and rice. Glue them in the order of the colors. You can paint rice blue to make the Ashok chakra and your flag will be ready to glow.

Ice cream sticks

This is another DIY that looks interesting and can be done without the base of a paper. Paint the Popsicle sticks or take the colored sticks and glue them into the frame of the flag. You can paint the Ashok chakra blue in between.

Thumb paint

Thumb painting is an interesting art that most children enjoy. Have them fill in the colors of the flag design with thumb paint. They will definitely enjoy doing it and will be happy to show it too.


It is one of the most exciting jobs of the present day. Most children receive these quilling sets as a birthday present, so use them now. Straw the colored strip in small circles and glue them all together to make a flag. This craft is extremely pretty and since it takes a long time, it is a great activity to involve children for a long time.


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