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5 amazing gift ideas for your movie lover partner

Choosing the perfect gift for your loved one is often harder than expected, so it’s only natural that you feel lost here. You know perfectly well that a bouquet of flowers or a big box of chocolates just aren’t enough, but that doesn’t help much. In this situation, it is best to focus on your partner’s hobbies and interests. What if your second half was a movie buff? In that case, you need to come up with some amazing gift ideas that match your movie-loving partner’s tastes.

Ask yourself what your significant other’s favorite movie is and give them a limited edition Blu-ray box set. Another good choice is to give them a Netflix gift card or an eye-catching poster to hang on the wall. You can buy them a good quality sound bar to enhance their movie watching experience even more. Finally, you can always get them a replica of a recognizable prop from their favorite movie. Explore the tips below and learn how to grin from ear to ear your second movie-obsessed half-smile!

Give your movie buff an eye-catching poster as a gift

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in the Birds of Prey poster. (Warner Bros.)

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One of the best ways to decorate the walls of your home is to hang eye-catching movie posters on the wall. Maybe that’s what makes your second half a movie buff smile with delight. After all, what Star Wars fan can resist posters with schematics of the TIE fighter or a sunset over Coruscant? You can gift them a poster of their favorite movie or an iconic image of their favorite character. Choose a high quality poster (you can find Zavvi discount code here), which will fit perfectly into the decor of your home. If you don’t know what to choose, you can always ask your geek friends for advice. Some of them might even want to help you choose a poster they like the most.

Give your cinephile partner a limited edition Blu-Ray

If your loved one is a real movie buff, they most likely have a collection of classic movies on DVD or even VHS. However, with the arrival of high definition and 4K technology, it’s time to upgrade them. A limited edition Blu-ray is a perfect gift for any movie lover. In this way, they will be able to watch their favorite movies in the best possible quality, with fewer imperfections typical of older formats. If possible, aim for a director’s cut, as these versions contain additional scenes not included in the theatrical version.

If you can’t find limited edition Blu-rays for your partner’s favorite movie in your nearby stores, you can always get them online. There are many websites selling limited edition Blu-rays, but you should always check the reputation of the seller first. Stay away from suspicious sites with low ratings – your money will be better spent elsewhere.

Give them a Netflix gift card


Credit: Netflix

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If your partner is a real movie buff, they’ll probably spend most of their free time watching new releases and classics. In that case, a Netflix gift card is a perfect choice. A Netflix subscription lets your partner watch thousands of movies and TV shows on their computer, smartphone or other streaming device.

For a few books a month, your cinephile partner will have access to the entire Netflix catalog, allowing them to stream both hundreds of new releases and timeless classics. If you want to please them, buy them a gift card for an entire year, nothing better to save money!

Buy them a good quality soundbar

If your partner loves movies and likes to watch them in the best possible quality, a good quality soundbar is a perfect choice. A soundbar is an amplifier that contains multiple speakers and amplifies the sound from your TV. If you want to buy your loved one a high-quality soundbar, take a look at their current setup first. If they have a decent surround sound system, they don’t need this type of device. If their TV speakers are the only ones they have, on the other hand, they’re prime candidates for a new soundbar.

A good quality soundbar will greatly enhance the richness of their movie watching experience. When choosing a soundbar, go for something that is both compact and energy efficient. It is also necessary to pay attention to the number of speakers it contains and their configuration.

Give them a replica prop

James Gunn's Peacemaker Overture Remade Into Lego Animation

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If you’re looking for a quirky gift for your movie-loving partner, you should definitely consider getting them a replica prop from their favorite movie. Sure, it’s not a practical gift they can use every day, but it’s sure to be a great addition to their collection.

Prop Replicas are handmade collectibles based on famous movie props. They are extremely detailed and look exactly like the original movie props. Prop replicas are made of wood, metal or plastic and some of them even light up when turned on.

Finding an original accessory can be difficult and prohibitively expensive as they are often sold at auction or privately by collectors. However, if you take the time to browse the web, you will find many reputable sites selling replica movie props such as Iron Man masks or Infinity Gauntlets at reasonable prices. If you think this is the perfect gift for your partner, don’t hesitate to buy him something nice!


If you want to make your movie buff partner smile from ear to ear, you should definitely consider buying them one of the gifts mentioned above. Whether you choose a limited edition Blu-ray, prop replica, poster, or even an actual soundbar, you’ll make their day. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing the web and find the perfect gift for your movie-loving other half! Good luck!

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