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40 Best Dirty Santa Gifts for 2022

TipsyElves / It’s a Southern Thing

Dirty Santa, White Elephant or Yankee Swap gifts – whatever you call it, this fun and festive gift swapping game is commonly played during the holiday season, especially Christmas parties with family and friends , and even with colleagues during office festivities. If you’re not already familiar, the rules of the game ask each participant to pack (the contents should be a mystery to everyone) and bring a quirky, funny, cool, interesting, or just plain bad gift. Along with the fun of opening mystery gifts, there’s an added layer to the Dirty Santa game that involves opportunities to “steal” the best ones.

Before you dive into our list of the best Gift Ideas for Dirty Santa, read our brief explainer of the rules (although they may vary slightly depending on the group you are playing with!). If you’ve never played it before, why not start a new tradition for 2022? Depending on who you’re going to involve, just make sure everyone knows your audience, to ensure the giveaways are fun and appropriate for the whole crowd. Consider the ages of other attendees and your relationship to them to make sure you’re not going to offend anyone or offer someone something you shouldn’t. You can also set a spending limit, whether it’s gifts under $25, under $20, or $10 and under.

Essentially, you’ll walk around the room opening, taking, and/or passing gifts. First, put all the gifts in one place, like on a table or under a Christmas tree. Ask each participant to draw a number, starting with one and ending with the number of people playing – the person who gets number one chooses the first gift. They will open it and show it to the group. Then the second person will do the same. However, they can choose to steal the gift the person before them opened or choose a new mystery gift to unwrap. If he steals the gift, the first person can then choose another gift from the pile.

Repeat the process over and over again, but keep in mind that if someone’s gift is stolen, they can’t get it back. But a gift can be stolen multiple times by different people. (Some people say there should be a maximum of three flights for an item, but that’s up to you and your party). After all the gifts have been unwrapped, the person who fired the first one can make a final flight if they wish. If they don’t want to fly, the game ends. If they want to steal, the game continues until someone decides to keep their present.