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37 Gift Ideas from Black-Owned Businesses: Skincare, Candles, and More

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  • If you’re looking to support black-owned businesses while shopping, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Below, we’ve rounded up 37 of the best gifts from black-owned businesses big and small.

While Black History Month has always been a time to educate each other and celebrate black heroes in society, it’s also a great time to support culture. One of the best ways to support black culture during Black History Month (and any other time of year) is to make a conscious effort to buy from black-owned businesses.

By doing so, you’ll discover many new and interesting brands and support underrepresented businesses that often give back to the community through specific causes. Buying from Black-owned businesses shouldn’t be the only effort you make to dismantle or fight systemic racism, but it’s a small choice that can have an impact.

We’ve rounded up 37 thoughtful gift ideas from black-owned businesses, ranging from small shops on Etsy to top-selling brands.

From streetwear fashion and eyeglasses to snacks, drinks and skincare, you’re likely to find items that make great gifts – or something to treat yourself to.

The 37 Best Gifts From Black-Owned Businesses: