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36 DIY interior decorating projects


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For over a year now, many of us have spent more time at home than we ever could have dreamed of. The advantage of being locked up? This ultimately allowed us to devote some time to DIY projects. Whether you’ve focused on storage space, organization, or just a somewhat drab apartment design that needs improvement, you’ve probably tackled at least one project. Here are the best ones we’ve done recently in case you need some inspiration to start a new one.


Painting a front door

Whether your front door is drab or in need of a new paint job, it’s not difficult to fix it to enhance your curb appeal. Here is our step by step guide, so you can have a front door that looks brand new in no time!


Painting a door inside your house

Don’t have a front door that you can paint? Try to animate a door inside your space instead. Here is our tutorial with tips on how to make your door a design statement.


Upgrade your closet doors

Cursed with those ugly, builder-grade closet doors? Try this surprisingly easy hack from our designer friend Keita Turner to give them a tailored look with just a few yards of fabric and a stapler.


Propagate a plant

Do you have plants at home? Good news: you can turn them into Following plants. Here is our step-by-step guide to growing a new plant with cuttings from an old one.


Make a comfortable window seat!

No sewing machine? No problem! This comfortable window seat was made using safety pins, all in under 20 minutes! Get the step by step guide here.


Swap in a cool door handle

It’s one of those little changes that have a big impact. With just 10 minutes and a screwdriver, replace those boring old door handles with something prettier. Here’s how.


Upgrade your lampshades

I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that this expensive-looking shade was actually handmade using decorative paper found on Etsy. Yes, a custom lamp for just a few dollars. Here’s how to create your own.


Create a fake brick wall


Whitewashed brick walls

Or, perhaps, you prefer a more modern look that the exposed brick in your home cannot offer? Here is a simple solution: whitewash the brick wall. Follow our step-by-step guide to achieving a finish you’ll love.


Make candles + soaps

These DIY kits from Craftzee let you create personalized candles, soaps, and bath bombs in classic scents like fresh cotton and cherry blossom. Their pre-mixed bases are safe to use (read: no laundry mix) and include plenty to do for friends and neighbors. Buy here.


Make a set of seamless curtains

Want new window treatments but no sewing machine (or dressmaking skills) at home? No problem. I made this set in my apartment just using double-sided fabric tape. Get the tutorial here.


Set up closet shelves

If you like the look of a custom walk-in closet but want a cheaper solution for fitting them in, use shelving to create fake ones. Here, designer and blogger Victoria Lee Jones shows how to do it in just three easy steps. Get more details here.


Give your furniture an aged look

Anyone who loves the antique farmhouse look will love this DIY. With paint, a sander, and a few other materials, you can easily turn any piece of furniture into one that would surely be approved by Joanna Gaines. See our step-by-step tutorial here.


Make professional quality curtains

If you can to sew, why not make professional level curtains? The founder of Stitchroom showed us how. Look here.


Cover an old device

Steal this idea from Danielle Rollins and spruce up your ugly devices with contact paper or vinyl wallpaper. Here’s how.


Marbelize your counters


Contain your pillows

Keep pillows and blankets contained in these adorbed pom pom baskets. Bonus: they could also serve as laundry baskets.

Get the tutorial on Sugar & Cloth.


Storage savings – without shelves

If the extra shelves seem too messy and cluttered for your walls, DIY pegboard. You’ll save extra space for vases, plants, mirrors, picture frames, etc., and warm up your space with the giant wooden wall covering.

Get the tutorial on Vintage Revivals.


Create a suspension space

No space to store your hats? Need a towel rack? Or do you just need the extra space to hang planters? This DIY ladder is not only functional, but also has all the cool industrial vibes.

Get the tutorial on I Spy DIY.


Show dishes

You don’t need a dresser (and in fact, if you have one, you’ll want to throw it away in favor of this one anyway), you just need some DIY A-frame ladder shelves. . FTW minimalism!

Get the tutorial on Vintage Revivals.


Fake a laundry closet

No lingerie in your bathroom? No problem. Attach baskets to the wall for a place to store extra towels and washcloths.

Get the tutorial on My Wee Abode.


Label kitchen necessities

Use your favorite font to make sure your oil and vinegar bottles stand out on your counter and match your decor. These chic bottles were made using transfer foils and a Cricut Explorer.

Get the tutorial from Lia Griffith.


Hang up your books

This hack is great for thin children’s books. Keep all of their current favorites in one place by creating this hanging rack from felt, wood and twine. Even better? OK !

Get the tutorial on Table & Hearth.


Store your keys

Never forget your keys again with this colorful wooden slice keyring. Paint the front in bright, vivid colors so you can’t miss it when you walk out the door.

Get the tutorial on The Crafted Life.


Hang up your phone

We’re willing to bet your charging station is a messy mess, but there is a solution. Turn a bottle of baby lotion into a cell phone holder hanging from the charger. Now everything is in one place, and it’s much easier than a mess of cables.

Get the tutorial on Make It & Love It.


Hide your dryer

Ugly and bulky dryers = not cute. If you do your laundry regularly and have a lot of clothes that just can’t go in the dryer, attach this DIY folding rack to an empty wall.

Get the tutorial on Gem & Em.


Slide your laundry baskets

Laundry baskets scattered around the house or stacked in piles in your laundry room sound like off-setting nightmares, but don’t stress. A simple-to-build dresser lets you slide your laundry baskets in and out when you need them and store them between washes. Genius.

Get the tutorial at Ana White.


Organize the spices

Spices are difficult things to store: magnetizing them can be expensive and takes up wall space. Storing them in your cupboards means you’ll be spending a lot of time rummaging around for cumin. That’s why we love this trick so much: It’s an incredibly simple solution to a boring problem.

Get the tutorial on Reddit.


Color your keys

We’ve all been there: Which one is still the key to the backdoor? Paint each key a different color to make them stand out – using nail polish is the easiest method.

Get the tutorial on Popsugar.


Making staircase shelves

Shelves can be pricey, so a cute, customizable DIY option is totally welcome. These shelving units are an inexpensive option when you are looking for plenty of wall storage.

Get the tutorial at home decorating school.


Store cleaners vertically

Shower caddies aren’t just for your shower. Use a tensioned shower cart in the laundry room to store your detergent, cleaning supplies, towels, and other junk.

Get the tutorial at Lowe’s.


Make a rolling vanity

This IKEA hack may be our favorite right now. Finding room for a vanity unit can be tricky, especially in small apartments, but what if you could roll that vanity around? It’s perfect.

Get the tutorial on Polkadot Chair.


Clip your chargers

This super easy hack is about to make your life so much easier. If you like to charge your electronics on your nightstand, attach a binder clip to the side. Thread the charger through the clips and ta-da – your cord will never be lost under your bed again.

Get the tutorial on The Pampered Mom.

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