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25 Pumpkin Painting Ideas for Halloween 2022

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Hot Girl Fall participants, listen carefully, because there is a vital update on the activity that needs to be acknowledged. One of the The best parts of the season are a chance to flex those decorating skills, but (and I’m speaking from personal experience here) you shouldn’t have to pull out a full toolkit to partake in the whole pumpkin festival takes center stage. And to take responsibility for finding all the stray pumpkin seeds strewn across your kitchen floor? It’s a no. That’s why we have to thank heaven there’s an equally cute and festive alternative, and that’s pumpkin paint!

Pumpkin decorating is such a fun way to celebrate spooky szn and get those creative juices flowing. Plus, pair it with some candy and a bottle of wine, and you have the perfect group activity for Halloween. As for the items you’ll need, different ~artistic visions~ require different materials, whether it’s chalk paint, acrylic paint, or a watercolor-based masterpiece, but you can add them to your Amazon cart or stock up with a quick trip to your local craft store.

But allow me not to go ahead. If you’re still in the pumpkin design phase, we’re here to help. We’ve found 25 absolutely adorable pumpkin painting ideas that will add real seasonal cheer to your space. Whether it’s a tongue-in-cheek pun or a plaid pattern, these are the hottest pumpkin lewks of 2022. You heard it here first baby.

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Pumpkin Name Calligraphy

Sometimes you need people to know exactly who you are! To make this easier, a little branded pumpkin is such a cute idea. Using your initials or your family’s last name are also fun options. Plus, if you don’t even feel like painting for it, you can order pre-made pumpkins!


checkered pumpkin

I love the whole “New England Preparatory School in the Fall” vibe here. Plus, the addition of that pop of color on the upper complements it perfectly. A nice little addition to your fall decorating collection.

Get the tutorial from The Craft Patch.


spider web pumpkin

Here’s a super festive design, and no actual bugs involved, just black paint and white cords. Isn’t that a blessing?

Get the Magia Mia tutorial.


Pumpkin Dark Floral Decal


White pumpkin with floral patterns

No, forgoing a base layer isn’t lazy, it’s just a creative choice! And look how well it can pay off here with these floral designs, which you can achieve with just a white paint pen.

Get the Stone Gable tutorial.


Pumpkin Zig Zag

Giving your pumpkin a geometric design can go a long way. Plus, this one doesn’t require too much artistic skill, so there’s a plus!

Get the tutorial from Decoist.


Dip Dye Metallic Pumpkin


Polka Dot Pumpkin

It’s very simple to make with just a few paint colors and circular stamps, and it’s an absolutely delightful table decoration. She is the polka dot pumpkin.


drip paint pumpkin

The best part about this idea is that the less refined it is, the better. No stress if you don’t know your way around with a brush because you’re just dipping and dripping.

Get the Family Handyman Tutorial.


hometown pumpkin

This area code design is a great way to show your hometown some subtle love (a state decal will also do). If you like this idea but don’t want to choose a state-shaped stencil, you can order pre-made state stickers for your pumpkin here and then paint it your favorite color.

Get the tutorial from Country Living.


Movie character pumpkins

Give your favorite pop culture icons a nod with this idea. Halloween characters like the Sanderson sisters made with paint and paper seem like the obvious choice (in a way, do they look like them?), but hey, go with what your heart desires.

Concept by Kellie Miller


Tropical Island Pumpkins

Yes, you can still harness the island girl summer vibes in the middle of fall. This white stenciled monstera leaf and brightly colored design says it’s totally good.

Get the tutorial from Sarah Hearts.


Pumpkins in neutral chalk tones

Aesthetic pumpkins are at your fingertips, ppl! Painting a whole bunch of minis with chalk-finish craft paint and scattering them around your space creates such a cute fall vibe.

Get the tutorial from Purely Katie.


Pumpkin with golden letters

This shimmering pumpkin witch’s spellbook is just spooky enough. It assembles pretty easily too, with just a few materials like metallic gold and matte black paint!

Get the tutorial from The Craft Patch.



There’s nothing more generous than providing all your neighbours/visitors/pedestrians with a timely pun. “It’s really creepy”, honestly? Too good.

Get the Studio DIY tutorial.


Festive pumpkin designed for fall

To the girls who yearn for crisp autumn leaves all year round, this one’s for you. You can make it happen with four shades of fall paint colors, leaf stencils, and some commitment.

Get Plaid’s tutorial.



New rule: trees must not be reserved for Christmas. I can think of no better way to usher in this trend than with this 3-tier pumpkin masterpiece. Just FYI that this one is for intermediate crafters.

Get Plaid’s tutorial.


Rainbow Glitter Pumpkin


Pumpkins with Monster Faces

This concept fully embraces the spirit of Halloween. Try a collage of witches hats, Frankensteins or black cats! Whatever suits your fancy.

Get the tutorial from By Quinn.


donut pumpkins

Donut even sits here and acts like it doesn’t make you smile. You’ll need concentration to sketch the little rainbow, but it’ll be really adorable when it’s done.

Get the Studio DIY tutorial.

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