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25 Best Diwali Gifts – Unique Diwali Gift Ideas


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Diwali is one of the biggest holidays of the year, a time to reunite with loved ones and celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, hope over despair. But let’s be honest, this is also a great time to give and receive gifts. And as with any gift situation, finding the best Diwali gift can really make the holidays more special.

If you are new to Diwali, it is the most important holiday in India, and it is observed by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and some Buddhists all over the world. It usually falls in October or November, and in 2021 it takes place from Tuesday, November 2 to Saturday, November 6. The third most important day, Lakshmi Puja, is November 4th.

The five-day celebration includes many lamps and candles, which is why it is also known as the Festival of Lights. Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, is the main deity of Diwali, and many who celebrate the holiday leave offerings for her.

This abundance and generosity also extends to family, friends and loved ones, which means that giving is very much encouraged. Much like Hanukkah and Christmas, Diwali allows you to express your affection through gifts – and finding the right one can be a struggle.

Whether you’re going the old fashioned way or hoping to turn things around this year, the best Diwali gifts show that you care, that you want each recipient to be their best. Good news: We’ve found all the best gift ideas this year, from classic candles and flowers to new school jewelry and stickers. Shubh Diwali!

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For relatives

Diwali Gift Box

Desi Favors

$ 29.99

An obvious gift, this box includes many personal touches that will make everyone feel appreciated, including a candle holder, nuts, handmade diyas, and more.


For Sippers

Chai tea sampler, pack of 10

We can all agree on tea, especially when it’s eco-friendly, fair-trade, and universally loved by critics. Whether you give it to your sister or your uncle, it will be a hit. (We know you’ll want to buy a pack for yourself as well.)


For the caffeine junkies

Stoneware Mugs, Pack of 4

House of leeway

$ 30.00

While we’re on the tea theme, why not put on a nice cup too? These beautiful latte-ready mugs blend into any existing decor and should energize anyone’s morning routine.


For pigs

Outdoor fairy lights

Diwali is the festival of lights, after all, so go ahead and lean into the theme with these outdoor-friendly string lights, which make any porch or backyard much more inviting. How better to triumph over darkness?


For props

Hindi Name Necklace

Sometimes there is no better gift than a delicate necklace. Whether you’re shopping for your girlfriend, niece, or best friend, she’ll want to wear this personalized chain every day.


For perfume fans

Nag Champa candle

Lulu candles

$ 19.95

With hints of classic sandalwood incense, this candle hits all the right nostalgic and intimate notes – and they can even burn it for Lakshmi Puja!


For fun moms

Agate cheese platter


$ 62.40

Mom loves a good serving board; you like to give a good gift. This eye-catching agate plate, which makes a wonderful addition to almost any kitchen, should make you both happy.


For novice cooks

“Fresh India”

Meera Sodha

$ 16.99

If your parents have shown an interest in plants but don’t know where to start, treat them to this beloved cookbook by Meera Sodha, which reveals the secrets of garnishing favorite vegetarian dishes like veggie biryani and samosas. with mushrooms and nuts.


For fancy parents

La Tulipe Body Milk


$ 65.00

Now is the time to show your appreciation, so you might as well rush for this luxury body lotion, which, yes, is not as affordable as other options, but is sure to improve your routine. beauty for months to come. It is worth it.


For interior designers

Terracotta candlesticks

Goodee X Lea & Nicolas

$ 100.00

They might have all the candles they can handle, but what about ways to display them? These timeless candle holders would make a standout addition to any Diwali table – and they’ll look great there the rest of the year, too.


For dreamers

The 6-minute newspaper

Dominik spenst

$ 22.90

Gratitude and generosity are two cornerstones of Diwali – and this handy journal can help anyone practice them throughout the year. Designed to focus on the positive and progress, it’s the perfect gift.


For romantics

Long distance friendship lamps

Uncommon goods

$ 170.00

You might not be celebrating in the same place as your family, but that shouldn’t get in the way of your connection. When one party touches one of these smart lights, the other will glow at the same time, sending a simple message of love from any distance.


For Kulfi fanatics

Popsicle molds, pack of 3

Who doesn’t like good kulfi? Almost everyone will love these molds, which can make up to 18 desserts at a time.


For pet parents

Samosa plush chew toy

Desi Paws

$ 17.99

Dog parents will love this overly cute chew toy, which comes in the shape of the tasty pastry you’ll probably be filling on Diwali. Talk about twinning!


For gallery owners

Tiger Art Print

Ink and threads

$ 25.79

Inspired by the unique and eye-catching designs of Indian matchboxes, this print blends with any decor style and is quite the centerpiece in apartments and homes.


For hugs

Personalized love letter cover

Frankie Print Co.

$ 159.00

Make the most of this holiday season with this personalized blanket, which features woven handwriting. Whether you’re writing them a note or commemorating one of Grandma’s letters, your recipient of choice will never want to put it away.


For students

Mix Masti

The mighty Mithai

$ 29.99

If your family likes to soak up, this drinking game is sure to bring some fun. The game is specially designed for South Asians. Fancy some adventure? Go ahead and play it with your family on Diwali!


For the skincare addicts

Glowing Skin Pack

Founded by sisters Bunny and Taran Ghatrora, Blume is a favorite skin care brand for young people. If you are looking for something for a teenager, this kit, which includes a gentle cleanser, anti-acne oil, and a jade roller, should be a hit.


For traditionalists

The Canary


$ 115.00

Celebrate lightness with this bright and delicate bouquet of golden, pink and orange flowers. Mom always loved fresh flowers, after all.


For creatives

Henna Cones, Pack of 2

Suhenna creations

$ 14.00

She might not be a henna artist, but with these cones preloaded, she can at least try in time for Diwali. Who knows? You could help him discover a hidden talent.


For the chillax

Hella Vegan Family Meal for 4

Curry Up now

$ 119.00

You know your family best: if they’re really not looking forward to cooking on Diwali, feel free to send this full meal (including aloo gobi, from the staple of San Francisco Curry Up Now And if they’re not vegans, don’t fret – there are meaty and buttery options too!


For kids

Diwali decoration craft kit

Utsav Crafts

$ 25.99

Toddlers love gifts too, and this Diwali-themed craft kit is perfect for the occasion. With enough supplies to make lanterns, cards, and foam diyas, it’s perfect for families with young children.


For Bollywood Experts

“It’s backless” Sticker


$ 3.02

Emulate one of the most iconic characters from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham with this sticker, it will help them channel their inner poo.


For everyone

Saree Face Mask

Modern desi

$ 14.00

Face masks aren’t going away anytime soon, and it’s time to replace the worn-out fabric ones we all bought at the start of the pandemic. Enter these traditional masks, which combine style and safety.


For the nostalgic

2 Minute Masala Noodles, Pack of 12

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a bundle of these beloved noodles, which should make almost anyone happy. Maggi noodles might not be exactly healthy, but they’re nostalgic, it’s good enough for us!

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