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25 best Christmas gift ideas 2021


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Don’t know what to ask for this Christmas? We can feel you, baby — the stress of holiday shopping is overwhelming, even when it comes to choosing something for yourself! Finding the best gifts to get everyone on your list is daunting enough, but you realize you have to figure out what you want too? Cue the panic, cue the ~ dramz ~.

Now, let’s have a heart to heart: As you get older, the best gifts often end up being the most practical. I mean, who doesn’t love a good kitchen appliance while on vacation? Of course, you can’t wear a fancy blender per se, but you can make the best smoothies on the block. So, when writing your Christmas 2021 wishlist, try to identify big-ticket items that you had your eye on but couldn’t get hold of. Now is the time to ask for them!

Of course, not everything you ask for this holiday season has a specific purpose and is not ~ useful ~. What fun would that be? Make room for a few indulgences and luxuries that inspire you far beyond Christmas and New Years, like your favorite perfume or jewelry handmade by local artisans. Below, we’ve rounded up some must-have gifts to ask for this year so you can complete your holiday wishlist and focus on another stressor of the season – wrapping and sending the gifts! *deep breathing*

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a viral fashion favorite

Long ribbed dress

This famous dress from TikTok has hit the influencer world, and we’re here to report that it’s definitely worth it.


a white wall booster

Abstract figure print

Got a plain white wall that needs a little Something? We love this print for both its beauty and its simplicity.


a luxury bra

Wireless lace bralette

Our general mantra: if it’s good enough for Rihanna, it’s good enough for us, okay?


shoes made for new years eve

Ivory satin feather pointed toe mules

The perfect vacation heels don’t exist – in fact, yes, they absolutely do. Wear them all year round whenever you need a touch of vintage Hollywood glamor to go out or wear like your WFH slippers, of course.


gold earrings

Golden twisted hoop earrings

Gold mini hoops are one of those items that make you feel just enough together to get you through your 10th Zoom of the day.


a stylish AirPods case

Floral case for AirPods

Maybe you’ll be less likely to lose them if they’re properly fitted and secure in a nice case? One can only hope.


a duo of aromatic candles

Set of candles

Start that bubble bath, hit play on these soothing instrumentals, and light one of these aromatic candles for the ultimate home spa day.


a super soft throw

Comfortable cream blanket

Good luck getting out of your sofa when you are wrapped up in this warm cloud of comfort.


enhance your slats at home

Hand milk frother

Tell your barista you’ve met someone else. They will understand.


a colorful bowl

Large Rainbow Paper Mache Bowl

Just try to not smile with this colorful piece in your space. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter!


an ultra glam pant set

Orange pants set

When you want to live your best PANK life (professional aunt, no kids), this stylish tangerine pants set will practically be your uniform.


a stylish bluetooth speaker

Crosley Octave Bluetooth Speaker

Your playlists deserve to stand out with this chic retro-inspired speaker that is sure to get the party started.


chic pillow cases

White and gold square pillowcases

Pretty pillows instantly bring any room or nook together. Mix and match for an upscale, personalized look that says, “I have my life together” (even if you don’t).


versatile black leggings

High waist leggings with pockets

How many black leggings are too many black leggings? Come on, you know the limit is not to exist.


the ultimate tote

Naturals Tote with Shoulder Strap

Whether catching a flight at the airport or sunning at the beach, this trusty tote can store all your essentials.


a pair of comfortable shorts

Short knit sweater

Because you probably need to stop wearing your SO’s boxers and find your own comfortable shorts.


a house for your baby plants

Geometric ceramic planter

Because pretty planters cause endorphins. At least that’s our working theory.


a checkered bullion coin

Checked wool coat

The best part about the cold is, obviously, all of the outerwear options. And a plaid overcoat is a timeless addition to any closet.


an improved lunch box

Rose Arbor Food Container

Buh-bye, plastic bags. Store snacks and meals on the go and don’t worry about spills or leaks.


sustainable sneakers

Crisp white sneakers

White sneakers really go with it all, which makes it a wardrobe staple. In addition, these are ethically sourced and reach you via carbon neutral shipping.


sunglasses for days

No Biggie Sunglasses

Yes, these shades are stylish. And yes, they happen to be the perfect size for stocking padding. Do whatever you want with this information.


the perfect commuter bag

Small black backpack

Ditch the generic canvas tote and take it to the next level for a sleek and sophisticated backpack that’s both trendy and functional.


a simple gold chain

Double Row Thin Herringbone Chain

When your look needs a little understated glamor, this polished chain does the trick.


a daring party blouse

Gatsby Melon Blouse

A graphic, dressy button fastening instantly enhances any look. Consider him your best friend for any last minute party invitation.


everyday essential apartments

Heathered black flats

The comfortable apartments in which you can walk for miles are no longer a myth! Trust us, you’ll want it in all shades.

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