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21 unique experience gift ideas for men or women in 2021



If you have a lot of friends or a large family, you may be experiencing gift fatigue right now. After years of passively buying (and redeeming) variations of neckties, jewelry, and socks for your loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays, it can be hard to think of something new for people to know about. your list will feel loved.

If this year you’re trying to shake things up a bit by giving some really special and unique gifts, they’ll Actually use, it’s time to start delivering experiences. These gifts are especially great for people in your life who have everything or who just aren’t really interested. thing.

For your friend who always styles everyone’s hair and makeup before dates and parties, he’ll definitely use this hair and makeup class. Your cousin obsessed with caffeine? They will love being a member of this global coffee club. You can even get them a Hulu Premium account (no ads!) What’s better than the gift of making memories?

While some experience-based giveaways, like concert or basketball game tickets, can get expensive, the giveaways below include a wide range of prices to suit all budgets, so you can enjoy the process. selection with a little more ease.

See below for the 24 best experience-based giveaways. There is something on this list for everyone on your list.

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For the reality TV lover

Hulu Premium Account

You know this person who refuses to make plans during the night The single person Where Real housewives is diffused ? Offer them a Hulu account (or give them a gift card to get them started!) you.

They will no longer have an excuse to miss Tuesday evenings.


Best for the music fan

Beginner Acoustic Electric Guitar

Best choice products

$ 129.99

Even if they have buttery fingers or can’t keep up a rhythm, strumming on this guitar suitable for beginners will make them feel Great accomplished.

From rock music to classic Beethoven, they can customize the tracks they want with a variety of high tones and a classic electric amplifier.


Best for Handyman

Braided Leather Bracelet Making Kit


$ 10.99

Crafted from rawhide, rope, and glass, this ready-made bracelet kit is a fun touch to simply gifting jewelry. It’s even something they can do to give someone else!


Best for the golfer

Golf simulator for the home

OptiShot season pass

$ 450.80

Golfing outdoors is great, but playing golf in the comfort of your own home could be even more fun (free cocktails!). With 15 standard digital courses and highly sensitive sensors, they will be able to perfect their golf game no matter how cold or rainy it is outside, so they will be ready to be a pro on the course once they are out. they will come back to it.


Best for the green thumb

Heavy Duty Gardening Tool Kit


$ 27.99

From loosening the soil, pruning branches and testing tomato seeds, this sturdy gardening kit is ideal for everyone from the seasoned gardener to the curious gardener.


Ideal for avocado lovers

Avocado grow kit


$ 10.95

The avocado toast and homemade guac have just been improved. Who knew you could grow a whole avocado tree from the comfort of your home? For just $ 11, it’s a total bargain.


Ideal for makeup lovers

100 years of beauty makeup tutorial

Louise Young

$ 3.99

The person who has seen every lipstick launch in the last decade will love this book. It details all of the most classic makeup and hairstyle techniques of the last century with step-by-step instructions provided by talented makeup artists.


For the caffeine lover

Three-month coffee subscription

Atlas Café-Club

$ 60.00

Subscriptions can sometimes be difficult to offer because you don’t want to pay for someone’s gift until your credit card on the account expires. Atlas Coffee Club offers this excellent three month membership that the coffee lover in your life will likely renew for themselves.

Each month they will try a freshly roasted coffee from another part of the world as well as a postcard that provides brewing tips. If they aren’t coffee snobs already, they will be now.


Best for the mystery lover

Escape room in a box

Thames and Cosmos

$ 14.95

Escape rooms are filled with puzzles: a mystery lover’s favorite words. This box contains everything you need to transform your room into an enchanted wood from which you must try to escape.

This one is for anyone 12 and up, but there are tougher versions like this Catacombs of Horror box. Super scary.


Best for the yogi

One year Alo Moves subscription gift box

What could be better than the gift of serenity? Whether they can barely touch their toes or master the cat pose, this Alo Moves membership is a godsend. For a full year, they will have unlimited access to fitness, yoga and mindfulness classes whenever they want.


Best for the beer lover

Beer subscription club

Craft Beer Club

$ 44.75

Treat your beer-loving cousin to the adventure of a monthly beer tasting in the comfort of his home. They will receive 12 different beers per month, and they will do so in their pajamas.


Best for the wine-curious

Firstleaf Wine Club Gift Card

Firstleaf Wine Club

$ 25.00

Wine has to be the fanciest experience gift you can give that chic friend in your life.

They don’t just get a new award-winning bottle every month. Firstleaf also aims to help people learn more about wine in an easily digestible, accessible and, most importantly, fun way.


Best for the environmentalist

Subscription to the organic grocery store

Imperfect foods

$ 50.00

Show your appreciation to the person who always reminds you to literally recycle and reuse everything you own.

When you send them that perfectly imperfect grocery subscription box, they’ll be delighted with monthly bundles of twisted carrots and free-range eggs, all wrapped in reusable packaging.


Best for the creative

Issa Rae Master Class on Creation Outside the Lines

Master class

$ 15.00

For fans Unsafe A fan or aficionado of the creative arts, MasterClass has partnered with actor, writer and producer Issa Rae to teach aspiring professionals in the creative fields how to capitalize on their natural gifts and talents.


Best for your family

Lot of four paintings by numbers

Make a whole night out with this set of four holiday-themed paint by number. Make it even more fun by pairing it with hot chocolate (spiked!) And poking fun at your lack of art.


Best for the mixologist

Mixology bartender kit with stand

Modern Mixology

$ 31.97

Learning how to make a good cocktail is an adult right of passage. Whether they like a good drink or are genuinely interested in the art of mixology, they’ll love you forever for pairing this kit (which includes cute cocktail cards for lodging!) With a Masterclass in mixology.

And, they’ll have to invite you for a drink so you can test your tastes, of course.


Best for the photographer

Drone with 1080P HD camera


$ 79.98

You don’t have to be very tech-savvy to use this camera-equipped drone suitable for beginners. Gift it to your fiancé friend, and they will be so grateful for those cool aerial shots they get from their wedding.


Ideal for chocolate lovers

Chocolate tasting virtual tour kit

Taza chocolate
Taza chocolate

$ 39.99

Make every day a Valentine’s Day with this virtual guided tour where you will savor and share together every delicious piece of artisanal chocolate. You and your best friend can learn about the cocoa harvest and the history of Taza together (or just eat chocolate and watch movies).


Best for the fitness guru

ClassPass Membership

Class pass

$ 49.00

Discover new studios and workouts online and in IRL with a Classpass description. Even the most experienced gym goer will be intrigued by the boutique fitness studios that offer classes all over the world. world. It is also a great gift for travelers!


Ideal for spa enthusiasts

Spa Gift Card

Thermal week

$ 25.00

With a small map and over 9,000 locations across the country to choose from, gift it to someone who’s craving some serious pampering.

And, because you wouldn’t want them to have to go alone, go ahead and grab one too.


Best for foodies

Global Fair Cookbook

Priyanka Naik

$ 22.99

No matter how much they love to eat, there is nothing like the satisfaction of getting to work cooking your own meal, especially when it comes to Indian dishes, which seem complicated.

This cookbook pairs with online virtual classes in which you follow award-winning chef Priyanka Naik as you cook vegan meals together. It’s on pre-order now, but you’ll have it way before the holidays.

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