Gift ideas

20+ gift ideas if you’re on a tight budget this Christmas in Lebanon

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the season of joy and happiness, the season of cozy nights in front of a fireplace, drinking good wine and enjoying family time.

It can also be a stressful time as it is considered by many to be the most important annual occasion to buy gifts for loved ones, which starts with family and can extend to other family members, and sometimes to close friends.

With Lebanon in economic crisis and hyperinflation, Christmas this year is materializing as a challenge for many. However, since we have to remember what Christmas gifts really represent, we could very well think of beautiful and affordable, even funny gifts.

So, for those who are too numerous today in Lebanon and who have a tight budget, here are some good suggestions:

Funky socks #1

If you smile at this, the intended recipient will too. Funky socks are actually all the rage right now, especially for art admirers, foodies, and fanatics. (Don’t consider this for your boss if he or she is on your list.)

#2 A nice and useful diary

Investing in a good, cool planner is very important these days, mainly because most people work freelance or remotely and it can be difficult for them to get organized. So giving someone a good planner will not only make them happy but will think of you all year round.

#3 Tote bag

Tote bags are back in fashion and are really practical. They’re not only cool, they’re also eco-friendly and can be useful for many things, like holding groceries or books. And why not give your loved one a customizable model?

#4 Candles

Nothing is more relaxing than lighting a candle and getting a good night’s sleep after a long or stressful day at work. Consider buying a nice scented candle as a Christmas present. This is an always appreciated gift.

#5 Cool albums

Albums are good memory “holders”. A scrapbook is a great gift that lasts forever because the recipient will store the new memories they create throughout the new year and keep coming back to them for years to come.

#6 Body Splash and refreshing

If you can’t afford perfume, consider buying a nice refreshing body splash. These products are now in high demand as more and more people are turning to subtle fragrances instead of strong scents.

#7 Natural Soaps

Natural soaps are also very popular these days mainly because they are made of natural ingredients that benefit the skin without chemicals.

These soaps come in an interesting variety, whether for rubbing or moisturizing or invigorating or relaxing and so on. Moreover, they come in such attractive forms these days.

You can also ask the producers to customize them for you. Some offer this service.

#8 Mugs

Give your loved one a personalized mug. They will surely appreciate it and they will remember you every time they sip their hot coffee/cocoa/tea.

#9 Skincare

Not all good skincare products are expensive. Some great ones are actually affordable and they are always appreciated as gifts by women and men.

#10 Chocolate

And who doesn’t love chocolate? Especially when they are beautifully presented in lovely gift arrangements. Once all the chocolate pieces are tasted and the season is over, the basket or pot can be kept and used for a variety of purposes throughout the year.

#11 Handmade Accessories

Seed bead necklaces and bracelets are very popular right now, and they are very affordable when ordered locally. You can also buy seed bead charms for phones.

#12 Trendy Handmade Earrings

Treat the girls in your family to what they like to wear. Statements earrings are cool and funky and can be purchased locally for a reasonable price.

#13 Personalized gift box

A personalized gift box is an elegant object to offer. It always feels like receiving a treasure chest. You include slippers, cups, candies/chocolate and other things (depending on your budget). If you’re not ready to DIY, check local businesses as they offer different choices at good prices.

#14 Pack of Nutritious Spreads

These spreadable wraps are a delight for the eyes and the palate and make excellent gifts. They are made in Lebanon with particular care for health. They are made from premium natural ingredients with no hydrogenated oils, no wheat, and no preservatives.

#15 Handcrafted clothes

It’s winter, and handmade garments like scarves, gloves, and beanies are great gift ideas that will be much appreciated.

#16 A knitting kit

Since knitting and knitted products are back in fashion, it will be a good idea to offer a knitting kit to young and old girls. Knitting is actually therapeutic and very rewarding. You can find these kits in Yarn stores across Lebanon.

#17 A box of treats

These boxes of goodies are available in different sizes and contents that you can choose according to your budget. They can be personalized and are literally a nice gift to give.

#18 Handmade copper rings

They are cool, beautiful and chic and will make great gifts for girls and women. And they are made in Lebanon.

#19 A pet

If you want your child to scream with excitement at a Christmas present or your special child to jump for joy, consider adopting a pet for them. You don’t need to buy since adoption can be easily done at any of the shelters that care for pets in need of a family.

Pets make excellent companions and are a constant source of joy. They are life changing. Make this Christmas memorable for your loved ones and give them a puppy or a kitten.

#20 The Gift of Family Love

Gifts do not need to be purchased. You can offer love by cooking for your loved ones, spending time with them, doing good things on their behalf, and helping them when they are in need.

#21 Give the gift of human love

This is the season when we are most reminded that we are part of the great family that is humanity. you want to have a good death this Christmas, donate your blood. Many people are in need of blood, their loved ones will really appreciate this gesture.