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18 cozy living room decorating ideas and examples from designers

Large living rooms come in all sizes, shapes, shapes, styles and colors, but the essential quality they all have in common is comfort. The living room is, after all, where you live, so you might as well optimize it for snuggling up and getting cozy, whatever that means to you. And while there are no hard and fast rules for making a room comfortable, there are some designer tricks we see time and time again. Ahead, get inspired by 18 examples of cozy living rooms and jot down your favorite comfort trends and ideas to try in your own space.

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This sunny living room designed by Thomas Callaway exudes warmth, despite the large size and high ceiling. Callaway divided the room into zones to enhance privacy, then used soft buttercream glaze on the walls to give the room a golden glow, and layered rich but plush fabrics.

A sectional sofa, white painted wainscoting, and loose, beachy layered materials give this living room a relaxed, cozy personality that stays sharp. And, because the living room shares space with the kitchen and dining room in a larger open floor plan, Studio DIAA installed a curtain. The semi-transparent fabric ensures a lot of light but also a feeling of privacy.

Adopt existing size and parts

If you have a smaller living room or are in a rental and trying to figure out how to incorporate existing quirks, like funky tiles, take note of this living room designed by Arent & Pyke. First off, the cozy room manages to hold enough seating and surface space, but doesn’t feel overcrowded. And the firm incorporated the quirky tiles around the firebox by painting columns light pink on the mantel and choosing a gorgeous Art Deco floral rug in complementary colors. The geometric cube table and contemporary lighting modernize the room. The end result proves that it’s better to embrace and uplift what you have than fight with it.

Textures and layer styles

Although colors can help create a comfortable room, it’s not the only way. Take this neutral-toned living room by Kristin Fine, for example. Soft, texture-rich upholstery mixes with cream paint, rustic wood pieces and lots of antique accents to give a surprisingly modern feel. Even better, Fine demonstrates that you can have a TV above the fireplace (movie marathons = instant cozy ambiance) without making it the visual focal point. She created custom plaster sliding doors, and the asymmetrical design makes them look like abstract art.

Reflecting all of your walls to bounce light is a surefire way to make a room look bigger. And we’re here for that design tip, but we also love that designer Benjamin Dhong did it in a way that doesn’t stifle the cozy feel of a small space. The green monochromatic approach keeps the room from looking busy while a distressed treatment on the fireplace mantel and rich velvets warm it up.

A chunky knit blanket, a leaning ladder to display and store additional textiles dimensionally, and plenty of plush throw pillows lend softness to the bolder elements of this Jeffrey Dungan-designed living room, like the coffee table and sideboard.

A warm wooden piano will automatically make a large living room a cozier corner as it encourages gatherings and general revelry. Coral, gray and brass tones work well to give this Mona Hajj-designed living room a more vibrant yet approachable color story.

A ruffled stone fireplace, rustic exposed beams, and layered rugs make this living room approachable and cozy enough for the whole family to enjoy—same, especially the dog!

Balance sturdy pieces with svelte frames

This living room designed by Brigette Romanek is another strong argument for wall shelves. Iridescent velvets and plush Art Deco carpeting make the room your cutest, coolest friend. The slender-legged seat prevents it from feeling overloaded.

Nothing sets you up and sets you up for a good time like a home bar in the living room. Designer John Fondas transformed a shallow closet into an out-of-the-way bar nook with tons of wall storage by removing doors and inset cabinets along with side shelves. Nautical and aquatic designs are perfect for a Palm Beach party house.

A warm wood built-in wall bookcase instantly personalizes this modern living room designed by Studio Shamshiri. Neutral and moody with lots of nods to nature and large windows that let in the light, this living room is both formal enough to entertain guests and cozy enough to really feel at home and relax. We also dig the extra daybed instead of a classic armchair.

Corner chairs by a fireplace

In this Boston Brownstone living room designed by Jae Joo, everything revolves around the fireplace. If you can’t fit a large section and just one sofa seems awkward, the slash stifles interpersonal interaction, go for two extra large and extra comfy club chairs with ottomans. Angle them inward and toward the focal point (in this case, the fireplace), then place a small side table between them instead of a large coffee table in front of them. Fireside chat to come!

We love the contrast of whimsical tiles and realistic paint that also somehow complement each other due to a shared color palette in this living room by Madeline Stuart. Two small facing sofas ensure good conversation, but also offer a comfortable place to curl up with a good book by the fireplace and natural light.

The sheepskin throw under the coffee table in this living room designed by Christian Burch and John Frenchette brings a softer, deeper element to the space. We also love how the pair played up period pieces, like the Flinestone-esque walls and wood-burning fireplace.

Speaking of fun angles, this eclectic living room designed by Les Ensembliers de Montréal calls for a unique layout. The sofas are all angled to break up the monotony of a classic, symmetrical living room, and all the fun, luxurious fabrics warm up the open, airy space. Aesthetically, it is refreshing and unique, giving the formal living room a fun, unpretentious energy that inspires creativity and puts guests at ease.

While we’re big proponents of floating furniture, this tiny Manhattan apartment designed by Miles Redd proves that it’s not always the best approach. The wallpaper is hung horizontally rather than vertically for a modern look, and to make the room appear larger, a plush blue sofa, brass mirrored coffee table and striking artwork ensure a formal feel.

Dark black walls and plenty of warm gold and caramel tones make this Ariene Bethea-designed living room super cozy but also formal and regal – the perfect balance if your living room doubles as a family room.

In a bohemian living room, just about anything goes, but if you need advice, try applying this formula: daybed plus accent chair, armchair, floor cushions and a few stools. In this case, Commune Design has also incorporated a statement rug and task lighting.

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