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16 best sympathy gifts of 2021



Finding the best gifts to show your love and support isn’t always easy, especially during tough times of loss and grievance. Whether you have a friend who just lost a loved one or a relative mourning the passing of a beloved family member, sending something to offer care while commemorating their loss is always a kind gesture. Sympathy gifts are a thoughtful way to give comfort to those facing the loss of a loved one, but sometimes it can be difficult to find a gift that feels both appropriate and meaningful.

The gift of a fresh flower delivery, of course, is always a safe and thoughtful way to go. Or maybe you want to take it a step further and send a gift basket to give them something edible that they can savor or a wellness gift that they can take care of themselves with. For those who want something a little more meaningful and permanent, there are also plenty of mourning gift ideas that commemorate the loss of a loved one in a more permanent way, whether through prints from personalized art, jewelry or home decor items.

To help make sailing through a difficult time a little less stressful, we’ve gone ahead and found the most thoughtful sympathy gifts to give right now. From self-care packages to cookie deliveries, memorial gifts and beyond, send some much-needed love and support to those suffering loss with these meaningful gift ideas.

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these sympathy flowers

The sterling flower arrangement

You can never go wrong with a beautiful delivery of fresh flowers to show someone you care. Urban Stems has a range of sympathy flower arrangements to choose from to send your loved ones through a loss and hopefully brighten up their day a bit.


this food care package

Deluxe “I think of you” gift basket

Food gifts are a great way to bring comfort and support to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. This luxury basket delivery reaches all brands: sweet, savory, refreshing light snacks and bites all in one.


this little tree kit

Seeds of Life â„¢ Tree Kit

Plant a tree in memory of a loved one who passed away with this touching Seeds of Life tree kit. It contains growing instructions and details on caring for the tree, so they can keep the memory of their loved one alive.


this customizable souvenir print

Personalized Commemorative Star Card Sympathy Gift

This commemorative star print is fully customizable with your choice of quote, names and dates to commemorate the life of a deceased loved one.


this box of “heartwarming treats”

Gift box You are on my mind

There is nothing more comforting than a fresh cookie. This thoughtful box of frosted cookies is a sweet way to show your support from a distance.


this self-care book

Caring for Yourself for Grieving by Nneka M. Okona

It is important that your loved ones who are going through grief and loss remember to take care of themselves. This book is a reminder of that, offering helpful healing practices to guide them through this difficult time.


that jar of nice notes

Souvenir glass gift jar with messages of sympathy

If you can’t stay with your loved one as they experience loss, this 31-day jar of heartfelt notes is a thoughtful gesture to make them feel your presence. Each day, or as often as they need to, they can open a note from inside the jar offering words of comfort, condolence, and comfort.


this personalized gift box

Build them a personalized gift box


With over 1,000 products to choose from, Bifties lets you create a personalized gift box with everything from melted waxes to tea blends and card games. You can add up to 7 products in each box and even add a personalized card at the end to offer your condolences.


these engraved heart necklaces

Personalized Handwriting Necklace

Commemorate a loved one by having their handwriting engraved on a necklace. You can use their signature from a card or note to get their words handwritten on the jewelry. These heart shaped necklaces are available in gold, silver and rose gold and make the perfect gift to keep someone close in memory.


this box of assorted treats

Sending sympathy

This curated sympathy box contains snacks and foods that will bring comfort to those in need of a little extra attention.


this embroidered animal portrait

Custom Embroidered Pet Portrait

If your loved one has just lost a pet, this personalized embroidered pet portrait is a sweet way to commemorate their furry friend and something that is sure to make them smile.


this succulent and candle set

A beautiful soul is never forgotten Succulent and candle

This handmade gift set includes a soothing candle, succulent, and words of comfort to honor the memory of a beautiful soul.


this touching commemorative lantern

Memorial Lantern Celebration of Life

Pay homage to the loss of a loved one with this Celebration of Life Lantern that features a pair of Cardinals and a beautiful poem. They can keep it inside or outside their home as a guiding light and a reminder of their loved one.


this basket of soup

Sympathy Soup Gift Baskets

A basket of soups, freshly baked rolls, and cookies make the perfect assortment of comfort foods to provide a little extra warmth for those going through tough times.


this cozy blanket

Cotton Napper

This weighted blanket is designed to literally feel like a warm hug, making it ideal for someone who needs a heartwarming hug to get through tough times.


this well thought-out care package

Thinking of you package

Make sure they’re pampering themselves with this thoughtful wellness package packed with spa-like essentials including bath salts, oils, candle, and more.

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