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Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for every Grammy, Nana, Grandma and Mimi in your life. Express your love with a thoughtful gift that recognizes both their unique interests and the love you share. Here are 12 original ideas to get you started.

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1. Photos and videos

Digital photos, videos and frames allow family and friends to stay connected and easily share up-to-date photos in many forms. “For someone in a care facility or in an assisted living facility, they might like a photo book,” says Mona Van Zomeren, operations director at Homestead of Oskaloosa, a memory care and assisted living facility. of Midwest Health in Oskaloosa, Iowa. “You can do themes like different events or our year together.”

Consider a photo of your grandmother with all of her grandchildren or, if you have young children in your family, a video interview. Ask the kids what they love doing with their grandma, what their favorite memories are with her and more, and capture the answers in a video she will keep. The answers can be just as surprising and delicious.

2. Donations

Donating to charity can do twice the good. Look for organizations that reflect your grandmother’s interests and consider adding a bonus. For example, if she watches Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) regularly, donate to the local PBS station in her name and give her on-demand programming or DVDs of her favorite show.

If you donate to an organization like a local food bank, consider sharing weekly or monthly updates on the group’s work with your grandmother. This exchange improves communication, which can help reduce the loneliness of a person who lives alone and helps them stay engaged in the community.

3. Puzzle

Puzzles benefit cognitive health on multiple fronts, especially when it comes to warding off memory loss. Books filled with found words, crosswords, or sudoku puzzles can also provide hours of entertainment and keep your mind sharp. In fact, studies show that late participation in crossword puzzles can delay memory decline, and puzzles have been shown to protect against cognitive aging. Van Zomeren agrees – she provides her residents with reading materials and treats them like puzzles. “Word puzzle books are the first to go,” she says.

This Mother’s Day, consider giving your grandma a puzzle she’ll love. If she likes art, give a puzzle of a classic painting or a beautiful landscape. Or get creative and create a personalized puzzle using a photo of your family. If words are his preference, get him a crossword book or an online crossword subscription. Either of these gifts will keep her mind active and, even better, create time to spend together.

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4. A fun day

A delicious meal or an afternoon at a museum can be a fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day and spend time away from home. This excursion doesn’t have to be extravagant, especially for seniors who may have difficulty going out on their own.

Simple ideas for a fun day include buying ice cream or buying things your grandma loves, like clothes, household items, or smaller items like stationery. Scenic driving and packing lunch for the drive can also be a treat.

5. Children’s crafts

Whether it’s a painted rock, a family drawing, or a macaroni necklace, a grandchild’s art can be a treasured gift. Encourage children to create something special with Grandma in mind. These crafts might include writing a story, using their handprints to decorate a canvas tote bag, or painting a stepping stone for her garden. Handmade crafts not only make great gifts, but also create memories that last a lifetime.

6. Plants, trees or flowers

For the grandmother with a green thumb or who enjoys a lush garden, planting a flowering tree or shrub can be a lovely way to spend Mother’s Day with her loved ones. For those with smaller living spaces, hanging baskets or potted plants are an easy way to spruce up a patio. At the very least, it never hurts to show up at Grandma’s house with a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers to brighten up her space.

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7. A calendar

Calendars with family photos present a gift option that keeps on giving all year round. And for seniors who easily waste time on the trails, a unique and meaningful calendar can make the difference in helping them keep track of the days. Automated clocks, while devoid of family photos, can also help improve the quality of life for the time-struggling grandmother. Consider an option that displays the date, day of the week, and time on a large screen so she can easily view all the information.

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8. A car seat (and its installation)

For grandmothers who regularly care for their little ones, a car seat can open up a whole new world of adventure and convenience. To encourage more time with the grandkids and improve rideability for the whole family, install a floor mat and new car seat in Grandma’s car this Mother’s Day.

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9. Gift vouchers

Although it may not seem like the most exciting option, a gift certificate can bring real joy, allowing your grandma to choose something she really wants or needs. Think about the things she likes and give her a gift card she can enjoy.

“Most of our residents are on a fixed income,” says Van Zomeren. “They can’t spoil themselves with little things. With gift cards, they can spend a little more on themselves.

10. Snacks

For the sweet-toothed or treat-loving grandma, consider a subscription box that sends her treats every month. You can also celebrate her Mother’s Day with a much-loved candy bar or cookie basket. Whether it’s a bag of candy she doesn’t have to share or a box full of her homemade favorite, snacks provide a sweet surprise she doesn’t have to make herself- same.

“A lot of our residents say, ‘I moved here so I wouldn’t have to cook,'” says Van Zomeren. “They don’t want to cook, but they appreciate treats.”

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11. Practical Gifts

If your grandma prides herself on being practical or has trouble shopping on her own, consider gifting something she can use regularly. Maybe stationery, greeting cards and beautiful stamps to help her stay in touch with her loved ones. Or something more personal, like shampoo, soaps, and lotions to help him feel better.

Another practical and much appreciated gift can be to help your grandmother with chores. Finishing yard work or taking care of small repairs around the house can help her continue to live independently and gives her time with her grandchild as a bonus.

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12. Time

If nothing catches your eye at the store and your talents don’t lie in crafts, there’s still a chance to give your grandma the perfect Mother’s Day gift: your time. “They need time,” says Van Zomeren. “Time is the greatest gift.”

Research supports the need to spend time with loved ones, as social isolation and loneliness can lead to increased rates of dementia, depression, anxiety and suicide. Poor social relationships are also associated with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Staying connected is a year-round commitment, but Mother’s Day is a great time to start. “You just have to sit down, visit them and listen to them,” says Van Zomeren. “If they repeat the same story again, smile and nod. Grandma wouldn’t care if she received anything as long as she had time with her grandson, son or daughter.

What to Consider When Buying a Mother’s Day Gift for Grandma

When deciding on a gift for your grandmother for Mother’s Day, consider her hobbies, living situation, and mobility. Grandmas on the go might like a smartwatch to track their steps as they walk while other grandmas will appreciate a collection of new teas to try. And keep in mind that gifts and interests change over time – what might have been a great gift at 50 might not be appropriate for someone at 90.

“Older people no longer want jewelry, trinkets and objects that collect dust,” says Van Zomeren. Consider your grandmother’s interests and if you’re unsure, ask. No matter the gift, you will already be giving her time, attention and care.