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12 best DIY dorm room decorating ideas

Craft life

You don’t have a lot of creative control over a dormitory, so your decor is where you can truly feel at home. Decorate a dorm on a college budget, however, is extremely restrictive. But don’t stress! We’ve rounded up many affordable DIY dorm room decor options that will make your space look great—and save all your money in the process.

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Colorful canvas notice boards

Pinterest is cool, but we’re bringing the real thing back with some real moodboards. Get the tutorial on Craft life.

BUY NOW Stretched canvas, $ 16



Here’s how you upgrade your school supply set in a totally unique and truly beautiful way. (And no, you don’t have to know how to sew or paint watercolor flowers.) Get the tutorial on Craft life.

BUY NOW Cork mouse pad, $ 11


Confetti tray

School is a lot less boring when it feels like a party. This fun tray will consolidate your essentials and prove crucial for those late nights of the fourth meal in bed. Get the tutorial on Delimit your accommodation.

BUY NOW Modge Podge, $ 6


Upholstered headboard

The ultimate way to make your dorm room stand out and feel right at home? Add a headboard of your own creation. Get the tutorial from Dorsey’s Drawings.

BUY NOW Plywood, $ 12


Polka dot vase

All you need are stickers you love and any old glass jar you can reuse! Get the tutorial from Craft life.

BUY NOW Canned Jar, $ 3


Polka dot pillow

Want to reuse a pillow insert instead of buying a new throw? Get the tutorial for this DIY Polka Dot Cushion Craft life.

BUY NOW Liquid tincture, $ 13


Oversized book page

If you are a discerning adult then you need this wall art. Show off your favorite book and quote in a non-silly way. Get the tutorial on The Navage patch.

BUY NOW Wooden frame, $ 33


Mini animal canvases

Add a touch of color, fun and whimsy to your walls with these mini animal canvases. If you can use a hot glue gun, you can craft them. Get the tutorial on Mod Podge Rocks.

BUY NOW Plastic animals, $ 2


Lucite framed scarf

If you love fashion, this is the unique and super creative wall decoration you need. Guaranteed that no one else in the residence will have one of these babies. Get the tutorial on Dorsey’s Drawings.

BUY NOW Acrylic sheet, $ 34


Pom Pom trash can

This pom pom bin is way cuter than that laundry basket your mom bought you from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Not to mention that it has super practical rope handles so you can carry your load to the machines! Get the tutorial on Sugar and Fabric.

BUY NOW Cotton SStorage bin, $ 25

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